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Riot and intelligentsia of India

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In India, the history of communal riots are not at all rare. It is an old phenomenon and yet it seems that we, the native population do not learn too much about it. The administration including the police, judiciary and the political establishment always use this to their advantage in vote bank politics and in turn their respective career. This becomes evident when we look at the response of the police in all these riots (e.g. Bhainsa Riot). Why is this the case and why do we refuse to learn?

The moment we try to look at the riot from the genesis to the final resolution, one common pattern becomes very clear that these are not riots but, in most cases, “pogroms” against a fundamentally tolerant native population. The hatred is not towards the country but the civilization that dominates the philosophical and intellectual sphere of India and also the same for an exclusivist non native religious hegemony to some extent. Since this cultural and philosophical domination is hard to tolerate, the reaction of the inferior philosophy becomes blind hatred, xenophobia, bigotry and physical violence. Such native ideological diversity can be traced back to the thousand years of philosophical, scientific and literary deliberation which thrived under a tolerant society of mutual respect.

The idea that amuses me is the word that the left uses to describe their own anger is “intolerance”. The word itself shows a degraded and inferior value system that cannot talk about mutual respect. This creates a deep-rooted unspoken inferiority complex which manifests through various frivolous social analysis and selective silence of the leftist intelligentsia. On the other hand, a society like India, knows the brilliance of their own value system, philosophical heft and often ignores such nuisance. One example of this phenomena can be found in the lectures of Swami Vivekananda, who once said that in India dresses do not make a person, but character does. It is very hard to understand such abstract notions when someone is not trained for it.

Historically Hindu Philosophy is very much rooted in the abstraction of ideas, which ignores micro details and focus on the big picture. This is important because when the Indic Wing talks about such abstraction in front of an Western audience who do not have much idea about the ancient Indian academia, they become confused. To them lack of numerous examples or data is considered equivalent to lack of proof. But in the theory of “Pramana”, empirical evidence and perceived knowledge are also considered valid for establishing a fact. We ourselves often get confused because of our Westernized education system rejects everything that stems from Hindu philosophy unless a convoluted version of it is appropriated. This is a fundamentally different premise of argument that, creates a huge communication gap.

This inferiority complex of the left and proselytizing monotheistic religions manifests either through elitism or phobia. This ignorance and lack of understanding of the native philosophy often dilutes their scholarship which is then imposed on other dissenting voices in the academia. In such a situation, micro details and further cultivation of ideas do not come from the academia anymore. The system becomes stagnant. This infectious disease fundamentally cripples the thinking of a nation where it stops learning from the mistakes.

In order to overcome this problem and create an environment where debate is the norm and conformity is the exception, the first thing is to disempower the Indian leftist elite and force them to compete for space. While the Indic Wing counters them on a daily basis in twitter, it is simply not enough. We need original research, extensive data collection, peer reviewed papers in various journals which then translate into knowledge. This exercise is going to supplement our scientific temperament and further the electoral gain of the Indic Wing. The tendency to focus on macro picture often stops us looking at the details.

However, Indians love to destroy others in their own game which should be the spirit for now. The left is not the standard that the Indic Wing should use as a yardstick to measure themselves with. We can give a tough competition to ourselves. When this thinking, the standard and the morality change, we can easily make our norms and stop the left in their selective silence in pogroms against the native population.

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