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Combatting Communism

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Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet makes us cautious about the extent and expanse of the communist ideological empire. Since the communists are so alarmingly entrenched with our diverse sociocultural productions, we need to seriously think of clearing this political weed from our social and cultural gardens.

The communist theory proposes for an equitable society based upon the common ownership of the means of production. The communist practices are otherwise. The history of all hitherto existing communist practices is the history of bloodshed and violence. This history is written from Moscow to Mexico and from Bolivia to Bengal. Unfortunately enough, the communist practice has evolved as a philosophical monster. It is cancer that kills a healthy system. It is high time that we the people should resist the proliferation of communist activism and desist promulgation of communist ideology in different front organizations.

Except for a few poor souls, most Indians have realized that the communists cannot contribute to any constructive growth of the country. The communists have produced noted anti-nationals who publicly give secessionist slogan- “Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi (Will fight till India is ruined)” and “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Insha Allah Insha Allah (India will break to pieces, God willing)”. They publically celebrated the death anniversary of Mohammad Afzal Guru, a terrorist who was hanged for carrying out an attack on the Indian Parliament. They support the Kashmiri stone pelters who are instigated by the separatists. They sympathise with the stone pelters who get injured when Indian Army and Police Department take the effective initiative in neutralizing the separatist agitation.

However, they never sympathise with and support the soldiers and police personnel who die fighting against the terrorists and the separatists. These instances evince the fact that communist activism is incapable of bolstering growth and development of the country, rather such kind of pernicious activism is evangelizing degeneration and destruction.

Certain parties and student organizations have loudly raised voices and potentially offered resistance to communist insidious intentions and malicious motives. Notably, BJP, as a political party, and ABVP, as a student organization, have offered resistance to the communist degeneration. Although BJP and ABVP have mobilized a fierce resistance to the deleterious strategies and insidious intentions of the communists, it should be noted that it is not the only responsibility of BJP and ABVP to offer resistance. It is a collective responsibility of every citizen devoted to the growth and development of the country. All nationalist citizens should participate in a resistance movement against the regressiveness of communist political ideology and activism which desecrates and sneers at the cultural heritage and tradition of our country.

Perjurious journalism promulgated by left-leaning Lutyens Media or Khan Market Gang is a major threat before India. Since the journalists are obsequious to their masters of the Lutyens Media coterie, they mislead the nation fueling biased information. No one has any problem with the reports of the left-leaning media, but the problem arises out of their fact twisting and selective reporting. They twist facts to malign the ruling party and select only those reports which are subservient to their Lutyens Media masters.Strong resistance against the left-leaning media has been built up by OpIndia, My Nation, HinduPost, Swarajya, Postcard News and other such nationalist news networks. Social media also plays a vital role in the dissemination of facts from the ground reality and in exposing the falsity of the paid media.

In this regard, nationalist pages and handles such as the Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter handle of Troll Indian Politics, Defence Flash, and The Nationalist have an immense contribution. However, there is a need for more participation of citizens in the dissemination of information using websites, blogs, and social media. Citizens should come with contents exploring the diverse aspects of Indian culture, politics, history, economy, eminent personalities, etc. Such citizen journalism would engender greater participation of common people in the democratic process. Thereby, we can nourish and nurture the roots of our nation which the cunning communists have put under erasure for a long time.

The recent JNU incident of students indulging in violence and vandalism sends a cold sweat down our spine. Undoubtedly, with direct and indirect support from students, faculty members, and non-teaching officers, the communists have created a vast ideological empire in the campuses for several decades.

In the context of communist-dominated academic milieu which is hell-bent on stifling the diligent and meritorious students’ crave for acquiring advanced knowledge, the nationalists have a major role to play in the academia for knowledge creation and dissemination. It is unfortunate that the best brains go to foreign countries and brain-drain is a potential challenge for India. While the communists are raising blinding headwinds to the academic growth of the country, the nationalist academicians in India can acquaint students with the latest technology and advanced research methods, can strengthen the relationships between industry experts and academia, and can engender policy shifts, partnerships and collaboration with different institutions and industries in India and abroad.

The communists have conditioned the mindset in campuses, media, intellectual shops, literary fests, Bollywood, comedians, NGOs, research, and activism. However, our nationalist commitment shall certainly offer potential resistance to the regressive and degenerative impact of communist practices. We the people need to commit to the propagation and promulgation of nationalist ideology in diverse front organizations. The fight is on and we are winning.

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