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Why Hindus are ‘moving out’ of Muslim majority localities

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Years after years the gap between two prominent communities of India is widening again due to many political and social causes adhering to it. The rift between the two communities is not new but is there since independence. The Hindus and Muslims have always been considered opposite to each other. The gap is also widened by the literate and illiterate. Most Muslim community youth start supporting their families financially at very small age. The uneducated and not properly raised children often indulge in unethical and illegal practices.

The gap between Hindus and Muslims is also further widened by the religious unity of the Muslims among themselves. Most uneducated Muslim youth is in no position to understand what is right and what is wrong they blindly follow the teachings and sayings of Maulanas who themselves do not have any or very little knowledge of Islam religion.

The true teaching of Islam is often interpreted in a wrong way by Muslims religious Maulanas. The wrong teachings are very religiously imbibed by the youth, who in turn pass the teachings in their social circle. By this wrong practices are alive and are passed from one generation to another.

Hindus Abandoning Muslim Majority Localities

So far Hindus and Muslims did not interfere with each other’s religious beliefs and social matters. But with the advent of anti-Hindu politics in states like West Bengal, Hindu community is feeling a sense of INSECURITY. The insecurity in Hindus is mostly related to the wrong effect on their children of Muslim surroundings, constant fear and sense of insecurity, fear of riots, anti-social elements are pose constant threat to the Hindus.

The fanatic belief of Muslim towards their religion and intolerance towards other religions often creates tensions between two communities. Also in order to protect their children from Love Jihad, unlawful conversions Hindus are now trying to move away from Muslim localities to Hindu localities. The houses that Hindus live in are also sold to Muslims only as no Hindu is willing to buy houses in Muslim majority locations. The houses are also sold at a very low or at a moderate price as compared to market value. The newly occupied houses by Muslim community also creates a sense of loneliness and fear in the hearts of minority Hindus across various districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Some districts of Uttar Pradesh like Meerut, Kairana and Agra city have been in national news for leaving their houses due to fear and threat caused by Muslim community.

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