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Celebration or appreciation or we are just losing it !

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India, the motherland as a democratic nation accommodates on her lap, children of various castes, religion irrespective of their loyalty towards her. It is the duty of every citizen to make sure that she is well protected and respected. Duty is imbibed with the emotion of love for the country. But one should never mess up discharge of duties with individual emotions.

Celebrating or glorifying the death of any individual who supports those willing to divide the Motherland is unwarranted for. When duty is performed, celebration of victory makes one careless and overconfident and when there is a loss it makes one unable to fight back soon. Any scenario has to be taken in a broader sense. Any solo individual is never a threat. His / her leaving or staying alone shall not impact. Then what should the celebration be for. Rather there should be a sense of relief for a moment that the nation is protected from someone who intended to harm her.

As regards appreciation of any good qualities, every individual in this universe have both the good and bad qualities within self. But the basic barometer of the person to get declared good or bad should be made on basis of his loyalty towards the place where they reside. If not for the place which provides freedom, protection where they reside, he/she wouldn’t have existed in first place. And if he/she cannot remain loyal towards it, it’s worthless to have any other qualities. Any individual doesn’t make a religion. Memes, comments targeting on any religion, defamatory or abusing towards any religion is condemnable in every manner. Criminals have no religion and when a crime is committed it’s not on behalf of entire community.

No ecosystem can be long lasting and sustainable if it cannot refrain itself from dividing on basis of caste and religion. One should remember religion is above any individual and Nation is above any religion. If you are fighting on either sides of religion, both the religions and nation are at the losing end, as the basic spirit of unity of Nation is lost in this. Any further rattling that it’s done for the nation is a farce if you cannot understand that the action which you are taking based on emotions is being remotely controlled by the ones who wants the Nation to fall.

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