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Is Duryodhana still under Dwaipayana sarovar after defeat or has come to the scene – blame everyone except the dynast

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Even before the start of Mahabharat war, it was well known that Duryodhana would be defeated and killed. The reason was quite simple; Duryodhana was bad, malicious and greedy for power. No truth, dharma and virtues were on the side of Duryodhana. Duryodhana was simply claiming the throne of Hastinapur purely due to his entitlement and to attain power, he was ready to make any treacherous plots against Pandavas but on the contrary, dharma and truth were continuously with Pandavas. Further, the Lord Krishna always stood with Pandavas.

In the recent parliamentary election, several tukde tukde gangs rallied around the dynast simply to defeat Modi. The tukde tukde gangs believed that congress might somehow defeat BJP and that would favour the third front indirectly to form a corrupt government at the centre. On the contrary, the congress party also believed and made its calculations that the third front would somehow defeat BJP and that would benefit the congress party.

The irony was that both the regional parties and congress were riding on each other’s shoulder for power and all of them wants only one thing that defeat Narendra Modi because he is making India corruption free, ensuring sab ka vikas and national security. The dynastic politics, nepotism and corruption etc., cannot win if Modi continues as Prime Minister of India.


The election is over and the wise and grateful Indians have elected Narendra Modi back to power with landslide majority to be more decisive and firm in reforming India. None of the negative and hate propaganda of the dynast got any market and as a result, the dynast himself got defeated in his own family constituency in Amethi in UP. Naturally the defeat will not have any takers so the dynast blamed several of the senior leaders of the party that they gave more importance to their family than to the party and that was the reason why congress party got defeated badly, according to the dynast. The poll defeat shattered the entitlement politics of the dynast, caused great frustration and anger and he then announced that he would not head the party and want the party to find a president outside the Gandhi family.

Like Duryodhana, the dynast went on oblivion, like how Duryodhana hid under the Dwaipayana sarovar because he lost everything and was left with only three men, Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma, the dynast also went on long trance.

Exactly like Duryodhana, the dynast also refused to meet anyone, not willing to come out and was so helpless. Only difference in congress party from the story of Duryodhana is that the party men want the dynast to come back from his hibernation as without the dynast the party cannot exist.


It looks like the congress men want to destroy the dynastic culture in the party and the best way is to defeat the dynast repeatedly so that congress party is finished once for all. Until that time all those sycophants and members of the kitchen cabinet of the dynast can make their hay.

As long as Dyryodhana remain as Duryodhana, he will never win Mahabharat war against Pandavas as Pandavas represent truth and dharma. Similarly the dynast too will not win election against PM Modi and BJP because BJP is the party of honesty and credibility, party of merit and performance. On the other hand PM Modi is the embodiment of truth, dharma and virtues. Narendra Modi works overtime to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas. Bringing true Rama Rajya is the desire of PM Modi where every Indian are equal, have equal responsibility and right and equal opportunity as well. 

Hinduism is more democratic than democracy, Hinduism is more inclusive than constitutional secularism and Hinduism is more tolerant than any professed ethos of tolerance. Modi and BJP wants such Hinduism, the culture and spirit of living human values to spread across India so that the barriers of caste, religion and race are subdued and humanity and universal brotherhood alone triumph.


People of India have understood the trueness of Modi and that is why they have reposed their faith enormously on Modi.

People must support Modi and BJP unconditionally to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas. The trust is the need of the hour which has been deeply destroyed by the hate and negative politics of congress and parties like DMK. Let us strengthen the hand so of Modi to build New India.

S Ranganathan

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