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Entitlement of dynast over India – Why congress party follow beehive model politics

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It looks like the congress party of the dynast would be the last political party on earth to learn its lessons from repeated defeats. Congress party is the ultimate proof for how arrogance and entitlement can forbid the party to learn new lessons.

Empowering people by lifting the quality of their life through variety of schemes like cooking gas connection, building toilets, electrification, drinking water supply, integrating the poor into the banking sector by opening bank accounts to them, proving health insurance, direct transfer of benefits to the account of the poor, Mudra loan to start small to micro level employment to self and others etc., were some of the initiatives Modi has done in the last 5 years. Besides that Modi also ensured that meritorious people should not be neglected because of their upper caste tag and thereby made sab ka and vikas too sab ka sath. At last the politics of empowerment and development has won and indeed with sab ka vishwas.

On the other hand the politics of the dynast is filled with sycophancy, entitlement, nepotism, punkah coolie culture, worshiping one family, corruption, divisiveness, minority appeasement etc.  But even after the indescribable defeat of the congress party under its able leadership of the dynast who believes he is the born Prime Minister candidate of India, the party wants the dynast to lead them and they fear without the dynast the party may disappear.

Look at the beehive. The beehive is all about queen bee. Queen bee produce eggs and the worker and soldier bees guard, nurse and forage the hive. The soldiers and workers don’t know anything other than serving the queen in the hive and hence cannot live without the queen. Today it looks like without the Gandhi family, congress men cannot exist because the party belongs to the family and family is only feeding and engaging them. Once the family goes away from the party (hive), what else all these bees do?

Many journalists who were sycophants and servants of the dynast failed to recognize the transformation Modi has brought in the life of millions and millions of people. Instead of seeing the life of millions and millions of people who got transformed by the good governance of Modi and were bubbling with gratitude and love for Modi, the sycophants of the dynast and tukde tukde gangs were mostly engaged in abusing Modi and somehow they want Indians to vote them to stop Modi coming back to power.

The saddest part of the whole episode is that the dynast has not yet learned his lesson and no wonder why TIME magazine has correctly described the dynast as UNTEACHABLE. Even after such defeat the dynast is advising his members to make more noise and furry against the government.  So much of noise pollution the dynast has made but people have rejected but what indirectly the dynast wants is disruption of the parliament and Rajya Sabha sessions. It means the dynast and congress again want to go back to the same old divisive and negative politics.

For the congress party, dynast is necessary and without the family they cannot survive in Indian politics.

When Modi is starting his second innings to serve India, the congress party is continuing its duty of worshiping the dynast and his family. India needs a leader who serve India and not one family and that is why Modi has been elected by people.   

The avatar of Ram and Krishna were also to punish the demons and evil forces. Similarly Modi must ensure speedy disposal of all corruption cases and punishment to all those corrupt politicians who looted India during congress regime.

Performance, servitude, dharma, honesty and truth, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism, structured reforms to end corruption, sab ka vikas, recognition to merit and talent, national security etc., were the primary, secondary and tertiary focus of Modi. Governance and development  and not playing politics was the achievement of Modi whereas the party of dynast and other tukde tukde gangs fully devoted their attention and focus on spreading negativity, hate politics, minority appeasement, fear mongering, promoting dynasty, nepotism and corruption.

Dharma, truth and honesty won at last. The most painful fact is that still congress party wants to follow the politics of entitlement and not empowering politics. All congress men wants is either be a nestling or a fledgling in the congress nest to be fed and nursed by the dynast and his family. The point of irony is that none of the nestling or fledgling netas of congress party even wants to grow further and instead they wants to be in the nest praising and pleasing the dynast and his family.

Modi has transformed India and the new Indian should function in near future as one country, one tax, one law and one neta- Modi. Let us work towards such India in near future. 

S Ranganathan

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