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An open letter to Rahul Gandhi by a “Bhakt”

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Before we begin, here is a disclaimer “I am a patriotic Indian and a BJP supporter”. So you may please stop reading this if these two are an absolute taboo on your scheme of things.

OK since you decided to go on, here is why I am writing this at all. Well while we are happy that NDA has won but also concerned that others have lost so badly that we will not even have a LOP in opposition. To be honest, this is somewhat a bad news for democracy as such and the feeling is shared by most of people I talk to around.

Not that we love Congress and also not that we hate Congress and others. Yes a lot of people to certain extent dislike Congress for all the scams attributed to UPA era, all the kind of appeasements UPA carried out not only towards minorities but also caste based, trying hard to deepen the divide within India the way it is already divided.

Anyway, the point here is we would appreciate a stronger opposition which can keep the ruling party on tight noose and also keep options open for people in general.

So where do we began? The first thing that all us do understand is that Congress is a dynast party and would in fact disintegrate if the dynasts are left out. So let’s just accept this simple fact and also accept that in modern politics the pitfall of dynasty is lack of ground level experience.

Congress really needs to send its dynast leaders to ground levels to earn some experience working amongst the people rather than just ruling upon them. Sachin Pilot for example has definitely set a good example of someone who can be a dynast and still know realities of the ground.

As for the supreme leader himself, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, he should just throw away his ego and take up as a Chief Minister of one of the states. While many in Congress would argue that this would demean his position, my take is that Mr. Gandhi and Congress doesn’t not have much left to loose anyways now. If things continue the way they are, Congress would most probable end up with 5 seats and partners in 2024.

The biggest advantage for him taking up a responsible chair would be that he can earn firsthand experience of not only the issues faced by common people but also of administrative set up that can be used to tackle these issues. He will have to develop less and less dependency upon his advisers for the ideas and develop his own thoughts in sync with his experiences working on ground for people and develop policy suggestions accordingly. A classic example of his disconnect to ground realities had been the “Chowkidar Chor Hai” slogan. While he may blame other Congress leaders for not joining the chorus but the simple fact remains that the other leaders who were on ground knew very well that the slogan is just not appealing even to Congress supporters thus they quietly stayed away and the irony is that they are not telling this to Mr. Gandhi even now.

The fact is, today Rahul Gandhi seriously lacks credibility and experience. Most of his bloopers just goes to show his inexperience in public life and his lack of interaction with people he wants to win over. He needs to sit on Chief Minister chair and prove his mettle by really turning around the state of things and then boast about it loud.

The way things are today, Congress rule is being rated quite worse than BJP and they would most probably loose MP, Rajasthan and Karnataka in next elections. Other fact of the matter is that, out of 12 cr votes that Congress got, most were either ones who have traditionally been voting for Congress for no reason or the minorities who saw BJP as threat. So Congress actually didn’t get any positive votes and for simple reason that they lack credibility because their supreme leader lacks it.

While Narendra Modi, in 2014 as well 2019, proudly turns around and tell fables of his CM days in Gujarat and how people staying or visiting Gujarat automatically become his branch ambassadors because of the development work done there.

In contrast, Rahul Gandhi has just nothing to showcase for himself. If your advisers told you that by invoking the work done by your father, mother, grandmother etc country would feel obliged and vote for Congress than I really pity you. The modern era citizens don’t consider past, all we want to know is what is that you can do for us and have you got the credentials to earn our trust.

So please go out and burn your feet walking bare legs on roads, only than you would really understand the pain of others who walk barefoot in hot summer and probably only than you will realize that you can not blame Sun for this rather need to plant trees to solve the problem.

We wish you all the best, if you at all decide to take a bold move of walking out of your palace for your own good and for the greater good of all!

Your truly

Just another someone ….

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