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Why the liberals need to build a new opposition

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Ayegatohmodihi # became a convincing war cry and Namo stormed back to power with a convincing brute majority. If 2014 was unbelievable; 2019 is an even bigger bitter pill to swallow.

Just how did they fail to read the writing in the wall. They had created a strong momentum through out the 5 years with intolerance, Hindu bigotry, Award Wapsi, Tukde Tukde narrative. But the voters even though giving them enough eyeballs. After all Swara Bhaskar commanded more TRP than Kareena and Sonam Kapoor while promoting the same movie.

So what went wrong? How did it not translate into votes? Well I Guess because the liberals were backing a lame duck.

No amount of how Modi is pushing Hindutva narrative could convince the voters to vote for Rahul. Even Priyanka whose nose resembles her famed Grandmother failed because they played the card too late by like 10 years.

The middle aged voters cannot remember Indira so vividly.

India has irrevocably changed. By pushing Leaders who have no experience of public office. And are being propped to the TOP chair because their parents had it will not convince the voters.

Now they might complain what happened in Andhra Pradesh? Jagan Reddy did not inherit his father’s chair. He had to build a new party, to win back his father’s vote bank.

India needs more and more grassroots players. Kanhaiya Kumar, Alpesh Thakore they all show promise but they have to build a party with similar minded people. They cannot take the easy way out by joining the feudal family parties. When the voter sees Hardik Patel/Arvind Kejriwal hobnobbing with Rahul Gandhi. He feels cheated.

The very people who are supporting them through twitter, may join them and float a new party. They may present a better alternative than the present opposition platter being served against the BJP.

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