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Why do liberals find excuses for defeat?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

I remember following the 2003 World Cup in South Africa. India on the back of their amazing performances made it to the final and we were all waiting with bated breath for Sachin Tendulkar to win the cup for us with a sparkling century to chase a strong Australian total. He failed and so did our hope of winning the cup.

But before we get to the chase one has to understand what happened prior to the chase started? India won the toss and elected to field on a spicy surface. If our bowlers found their line and lengths quickly we wouldn’t be talking about the chase but alas it wasn’t to be and the innings which started with a wide went on and on and finally Australia posted a mammoth total.

As mentioned earlier, Sachin failed and so did India. But the Indian captain at the press conference did not hide behind excuses and graciously accepted that the opponent was better than them on that day. They didn’t do well in any of the three departments and they were bound to lose with such a performance against a well oiled Australian unit which went undefeated in the tournament.

The reason I am citing the above example is not pretty hard to understand. Unlike politicians, sportsmen/women have a shelf life. Therefore they can’t live in a world of denial and have to own up to their mistakes for them to reach their goals. If they persist on living by their delusions then it will show them up and they fall into oblivion.

For example, if a Saurav Ganguly or a Sachin Tendulkar start blaming the pitch, the bowlers or even the square for their loss that day then they wouldnt have ever reached or scaled the peaks that they have. Whether one wants to believe it or not, honest introspection is the best way forward and there is no short cut to success.

Over the past couple of days, ever since the last vote was cast, the opposition parties have started blaming the EVMs, ECI and even pliant right wing media for the debacle they are yet to face. It is like Sachin Tendulkar saying the pitch is favouring the opposition without even entering the field of play and waiting for the game to start. Why is it that political parties and politicians get away with such excuses instead of trying to understand the reason behind their yet to face debacle? Remember the results aren’t yet declared but the opposition parties are already preparing the ground for their ineptitude while the liberal media has just lost their sense of bearing.

The India of up until the 90’s would have believed these cock and bull stories as then, we still fully didn’t understand the mechanisms of the Lutyens cabal and their masters. Now the world has shrunk with the advent of social media and people can’t be deceived by these baseless and unfounded allegations being peddled as facts. Therein lies the eternal problem. While the world has indeed shrunk and people have started adapting, the political class refuse to leave their bubbled existence. Because they don’t know any other way to exist, they always find excuses for their abject failures.

So it isn’t RaGa’s constant cacophony of lies and allegations, which are the reason for Congress’s debacle. Neither will it be Mamata Didi’s atrocities against the people of Bengal. It wont be the opportunistic political alliances of Bua-Batija, CBN and etal. It is the EVMs, ECI and the right wing pliant media.

Will CBN change his tune if he somehow manages to win AP? Can Congress answer their victories in Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and MP? Can TMC really justify its violence against the people? Can Bua-Bhatija really say that theirs was an opportunistic alliance? No they won’t/can’t. They live in a world of fantasy and are so disconnected with the populace that they still think we will believe all the drivel that comes out their mouths. And that is the reason the BJP is predicted to win.

People are not politicians but they have borne them for a long time and are aware of their true nature in this day and age. So let the opposition cry hoarse over all the constitutional bodies and shout from the roof top about their complicity. The people of India have seen enough and heard enough. The ballot will answer your questions and even then if you refuse to learn then be ready to be relegated to oblivion. As now even politicians have a shelf life and if the opposition thinks it isn’t true, just wait for the 23rd and the people of India will show it is true.

And just so that the opposition understands, people voted for the BJP for its progressive policies. They voted because of the corruption free governance. They voted because they could sift through all the lies and allegations peddled by the Lutyens media and its gang. They voted because they could see with their own eyes the hypocrisy of the political elite and they voted for the BJP because they knew what was the real NYAY!

If that is a bitter pill to swallow, so be it. But if for even a second the opposition believes that they arent the reason for their debacle then I sincerely wish RaGa, Mamata Didi, CBN, Akhilesh, Mayawati, Kejriwal and Tejaswi all the best as soon you shall all be relegated to the dustbins of history and into Oblivion.

Just ask one of your staunch supporters Shri Yogendra Yadav ji what i mean by that.

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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