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When the selfish royals throw their people to the wolves

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The Indira Gandhi reborn, lady who drips charm, can win people’s hearts in a moment, have an aura about her, I can go on and on here but you get the point, the ‘Great’ Priyanka Gandhi said today while talking to ‘pliable’ journalists that Congress has fielded weak candidates in many seats in UP to cut into BJP votes and they are not cutting votes of Mahagathbandhan anywhere.

Many saw it as a “Rahul Gandhi/Vinci” style goof-up that he is famous for. After all how could a General Secretary of the party in Eastern UP admit that they have fielded weak candidates to cut into BJP vote share, that too when the three phases of polling are remaining where on most of the seats, there is direct fight between BJP and Congress. Many considered it as an admission of defeat in the middle of the battle. And few “Pidis” hailed her for her honesty and directness.

So which one is it? How should one look at this statement of hers? Is she really as immature as Rahul Gandhi (the nightmares Lutyens’ journalists and royal courtiers must be getting thinking about this)?

Well, good news for the ‘Darbaris’, this statement is not a goof-up and is as intentional as it gets. Bad news is, this statement shows that the royals don’t care about anyone else other than themselves, no matter how loyal you have been especially in these last 7-8 years which have been the worst for Congress in its long history. A sincere applause (this is more respect than your Kings and Queens will ever give you) to all those spokespersons and workers who have defended Congress and the Gandhis in their worst of times.

Let me elaborate upon my argument.

Let’s look at the developments that have happened in last few days which led up to this “honest admission”. Smriti Irani, in 2014, gave a tough fight to Rahul Gandhi and reduced his winning margin by over 2.5 lakh votes, which was commendable considering that she was an outsider and was given only 20 days for campaigning. (This should have been enough for any serious politician to seriously work in his constituency to recover the lost ground but we are talking about an entitled lazy prince here). Since then, Smriti Irani, buoyed by the result, has made it her mission to win Amethi in 2019. She has done considerable work in the constituency despite losing. The result was seen in 2017 when Congress lost all the five assembly seats under the Loksabha Constituency.

The pressure created by Smriti Irani was enough to send Rahul Gandhi to the ‘Safe seat’ of Wayanad. Priyanka Gandhi, whose role kept on changing since her induction where she initially was supposed to focus on Eastern UP only to then campaigning all over India to then being touted as opposition candidate in Varanasi to then being made to confined to Amethi and Rae Bareli again, because the worst fears of the Congress and the dynasty are coming alive.

When the Mahagathbandhan was announced by Bua-Babua, Buaji had said categorically that they have left 2 seats of Amethi and Rae Bareli for Congress which means if they accept they can be part of the alliance, otherwise they don’t care. When Mayawati made this offer, most of the Congress friendly media said she was being unfair to the oldest political party of India. But here we are after 4 phases of elections and we are seeing the writing on the wall which many refused to see at that time. It is becoming extremely difficult for Congress to retain Amethi and they are facing stiff competition in Rae Bareli, forget about their chances of winning any other seat in UP.

It was an open secret that in 2014, SP and Mulayam Yadav helped Rahul Gandhi retain Amethi by asking their voters to go out and vote for him en masse when it started looking that he might lose. The situation is no different this time, in fact it is much worse because this time even the SP vote share might not be enough for him to cross the line. Just a few days back, Mayawati had openly threatened Congress of withdrawing her support from the Govt. in MP after BSP candidate from Guna switched over to Congress under mysterious circumstances. This warning was enough for the royal family to cower before the Mahagathbandhan publicly, leaving their own candidates to fend for themselves and even damaging their chances of putting up a fight. If this is not betrayal than I don’t know what is!

In the first four phases of the elections, most of the fight was between NDA and regional or UPA candidates. But in the next three phases, on most of the seats, there is a direct fight between BJP and Congress. It seems that they have been so spooked by PM Modi’s roadshow in Varanasi that they have left the battlefield abandoning their troops . Is this how you treat your party workers especially at a time when the chips are down? Is this the kind of leadership we want to see India lead?

Priyanka Gandhi since cowering out of the electoral battle in Varanasi, is seen spending a lot of her time in Amethi. No matter how brave a face she puts up, she knows the reality on the ground. And that is why she publicly uttered those words to pacify Mayawati and Akhilesh, hoping to get their support for her brother (and may be later for her in case Rahul Gandhi wins both the seats and has to vacate Amethi).

But this comes at a big cost. The Congress candidates have not only be left alone but have been humiliated by this admission of hers and the trolling in the rural areas can be very brutal. My heart goes out to them but alas, they chose to accept Gandhis as their leaders. They should have known that family’s interests always come first in Congress. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed.

And why is it so surprising when this election has become about saving dynasties for all the dynasties out there. Whether it is Ashok Gehlot who has left all the party candidates in a lurch to campaign for his son in Jodhpur, or Kamal Nath who is trying hard to make his son win in Chindwara, or Sharad Pawar trying hard to retain his family stronghold in Maharashtra, or the Yadavs in Bihar and UP conceding space to old rivals to remain relevant, all the dynasts have been pushed to the edge of oblivion by the charisma and hard work of one man – Narendra Modi.

The result of the elections will be declared on 23rd May but the story which is emerging is that the good-for-nothing royals have abandoned their troops in the middle of the battlefield to save themselves.

I just hope the public, this time, give them a befitting reply which matches the level of their leadership.

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