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What is wrong with talking about Rajiv Gandhi, the disgraced ex Prime Minister of our country?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

Before I start this article, I would like to make one thing clear. I don’t like the Congress Party and its secular ideology and I hate what they have done to my country. But the issue am about to talk is not about the Congress but their entitled Prince and Princess.

Just like the Congress tried to reinvent our history books by shaming the Hindus about their culture by only picking at the social ills prevalent at that time while conveniently  glorifying the Mughals and making a martyr out of Tipu Sultan, who enjoyed the barbaric torture inflicted upon thousands and thousands of people of other faiths for not converting to Islam. The broader viewpoint is what they did to our history they do to these entitled prince and princesses of the Nehru Family.

Why does speaking about Rajiv Gandhi, who was a Prime Minister of our country wrong because it was during his regime:

1. The biggest genocide in Sikh history was carried out by his cronies on his orders, who were then rewarded with plum posts for their massacre not to forget his epic dialogue after that, “When a big tree falls, the ground shakes” conveniently forgetting the true maxim, which is of course “When the ground shakes even a big tree falls”. A big tree falls when its dead from the inside and has become hollow. Just a fact.

2. The shady underhanded dealings with respect to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and how he let Warren Anderson out of the country and how the victims families were denied justice?

3. The Gandhi family’s Bofors Scam, which pulled down his regime and the Congress party, which boasted of 400+ seats up until then came down to 200 seats. His links to the Quatrochi family, the many shady deals involved in that deal are stuff of legend and crime writing! The psyche of the Defence sector was dented due to the greed of this one man.

People were afraid to purchase arms, which our Armed forces desperately needed and it only took the present government’s will and political commitment to upgrade our armed forces with latest weapons and munitions. That’s 30 years worth of blood thats on their hands and on the hands of especially Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

4. I can list this entitled Prince’s many other monumental disasters starting with the slogan now his son uses “Gareebi Hatao”, but I will talk about his death. He was assassinated by a Suicide bomber from LTTE and the culprits were caught and punished. In fact the present dynasts were ready to forgive the men and women who plotted their father’s murder. But there is no denying the fact that he was killed by a faction for interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka by sending help to the Government of Sri Lanka. The merits or demerits can be debated. But his assassination has nothing to do with how he ruined our country and left a culture of nepotism and corruption in his wake.

So once again, what is wrong in talking about a man, who by all means was portrayed as a paragon of virtue by his cronies and his many sins were brushed under the carpet, but was in fact the father of corruption that ultimately reduced the Congress to double digit seats in 2014?

When the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, who was elected on a popular mandate with 282 seats, can be ridiculed, abused and be called Chor without any basis of proof or evidence and his family who don’t have any ties with their son can be dragged through the mud, why can’t we question the ex-Prime Minister who died under a cloud of corruption and whose party and whose dynasts are synonymous with corruption?

What gives them this sense of entitlement? Do they think that this is the era of lies and propaganda? Do they think this is their Kingdom and we are their subjects? Do they live in a democracy? All these questions can be answered by the statement of Mr. RaGa, another entitled prince that the Congress and its ecosystem burdened our country with, where he says that the Prime Minister of our country has no right to talk about a martyr and it was despicable!

Despicable, wasn’t it? When you went on to say that you want to destroy the image of an incorruptible man.Talking about your father’s despicable past isn’t! Death does not wash away the misdeeds of a person because if that were true as per RaGa’s analogy even Hitler needs to be respected!

Please stop teaching this country who to respect and who not to, dear entitled Prince and Princess and your coterie of misfits because you have lost that right the moment you pushed this country into ruins, strife and civil and economic degradation.

So shut your mouth or if you want to open it accept our Prime Minister’s challenge and make the next two phases about your father and lets see what the people will tell you.

So martyr or not everyone in this country has a right to talk about the father of modern day Congress corruption Mr. Rajiv Gandhi!

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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