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We love you PM Modi. Hello again from India of 2019

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Dear PM Modi,

For Narendra Damodardas Modi, Savage is an understatement. In a country that is hard-wired to look for negative signals and anti-incumbency is almost entrenched in our DNA, you managed to bring a pro-incumbency factor.

The country has seen enough of fragmented governance, the famous no confidence motions, comradery and artisanship of creative alliances which stagnated the economy to death. Thanks for giving us a direction and bringing a sense of unity in a country divided on caste, class, cadre or all non-classy subjects. We love you PM Modi, what a clever crafted strategy!

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The opposition citing Secularism couldn’t stand any ground, Secularism means carrying all communities together and not alienating and irritating the majority community to appease minorities. The Hindutva vote bank was never so united and strong, somehow opposition failed to notice that a message of strong nationalism was piercing caste solidarity.

While your narratives were focused on Hindutva and Nationalism which works for the masses, electorates can still see through all your other major achievements – Forex reserve, FDI, Fiscal deficit control, Inflation, GDP, supporting bottom of pyramid through multi-dimensional approach and other countless initiatives.

The existence of a strong leadership is a double bonus- People know that a Modi-Shah duo can any day deliver better than Gathbandhan Sarkar. India has seen enough of this jod-tod drama and India of 2019 can probably see through much more than the oppositions were expecting them to see. The Swatch Bharat mission, noose tightening exercise – be it on government employees to the corrupt businessman struck the right chord with every citizen and started reverberating in the corridors of corporates and bylanes of villages alike.

History affirms that only ruthless politics can win election in India. You could a be a great statesman and a great leader but that’s not all to be re-elected, you needed to be street smart and ruthless which you proved and we love you even more for that , Vajpayee was the greatest Indian PM we had and the fast-paced economy supported by global positive factors had everything going for him, he believed in neat and clean politics, being ruthless for the opposition was not him.  But you are different and best answer to this gang and that is why opposition in last 5 years have never been so baffled before, even your strongest opposition failed to understand how to deal with you.

The India of 2019  has little faith on election disposable screen like Nyay. The opposition has a history of winning the most gullible vote shares by timing these election propaganda and campaigns. As voters gone through a profound and enduring shift and believes more in ‘seeing is believing’, it had to be you and not anyone else. We don’t have an alternative to Modi is not a propaganda but a reality.

As we propel in another five years of Modi regime that holds promise and excitement, we want you to continue to do what you have been doing, you know what is best for us, we agree that there is too much at your disposal, but we all admit that no one understands and concerned about these issues more than you.

Even your strongest critiques agrees that you are our best hope; laced with humor, a lust for development and an unwavering can-do –attitude. Let the journey begin!!

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