Varanasi: The trajectory of developmental discourse

Varanasi, the cultural capital of India is the spiritual land where people experience the mesmerisation which transcends the duality of inner and outer. People across the globe come here to reinvent their ‘self’ and to find the real meaning of life. Varanasi is the oldest surviving city which makes you free from the bondage of life and death. It gives you salvation. Varanasi witnesses visits of lakhs of foreign as well as Indian tourists every year.

Varanasi has been moving on the path of unprecedented development since 2014. Varanasi just not elected its Member of Parliament but it also elected the visionary Prime Minister of India in 2014. Mr. Narendra Modi successfully attempted to exemplify  a new Model of Development in Varanasi. The city’s developmental discourse was redefined and new narratives of change have taken place since 2014. The developmental change and needs of every field was addressed by Mr. Modi. ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ started by Modi Government has categorically changed the spatial reality and social psychology of general public and visitors in Varanasi. Swachh Bharat Mission has had an unaccustomed impact in Varanasi. Prior to 2014, Ganga Ghats in Varanasi were almost filthy and unhygienic. Now the Ghats are very clean and hygienic. 27 changing rooms were constructed on various ghats.You can find new dustbins which are set up at every ghat. The task of repairing stairs of 11 ghats were completed. More cleaning personnels were recruited especially for cleaning  up the ghats. LED lights replaced the conventional ones at 84 Ganga Ghats in Varanasi. Prime Minister Modi has been credited for constructing 153 public toilets and 6 Dhobi Ghats in the city.

Infrastructural Development in Varanasi is a major attraction. Crores of Rupees were spent on building new roads and repairing the old ones. Prime Minister inaugurated 17.6 and 16.55 Kilometres long Babatpur Airport Road and Varanasi Ring Road respectively. Such new roads have made our journey very comfortable and less time consuming. Foreign tourists are found praising Mr. Modi for this development. The task of constructing Ramnagar-Samneghat and Balua Ghat Bridge on the river was completed by Mr. Modi. Walls of the city are full of graffiti art conveying  the messages of civilisational glory and protecting the ancient heritage. These graffiti art works are making the city more beautiful and charming. 

Under the aegis of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, 15325 houses were constructed in Varanasi and it has addressed the fundamental human need of housing. Apart from this Mr. Narendra Modi distributed 1000 e-rickshaws and solar power lanterns to needy people in Varanasi. Sewage water treatment plant at Dinapur and sewage pumping stations at 3 places named Saraiya, Chaukaghat and Phulwaria were built. Mr. Modi is quite considering to build effective waste management system in Varanasi and he has been consulting foreign experts in this regard. Thanks to our Prime Minister Modi for facilitating a far better public transportation system in Varanasi. Many new public buses were started on different routes of Varanasi connecting to different cities and places. New trains such as Vande Bharat and Mahamana Express are being run between Varanasi and Delhi. Manduadih Railway Station has ben developed as a model station after the revamping. Varanasi Junction and Manduadih both the stations are very clean and equipped with latest amenities. Under the Integrated Power Development Scheme, underground electricity cabling is being done across the city

Banaras Hindu university’s Institute of Medical Science has been up graded to AIIMS and 2 new cancer hospitals Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya and Homi Bhaha Cancer Hospitals  have  been established by Modi Government. New wellness centres under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana are being set up in Varanasi. Regional Institute of Ophthalmology has also been established at Banaras Hindu University. Ayushman Bharat Scheme is a big relief and help to the economically vulnerable people. Government’s emphasis on promoting generic medicines must be highly appreciated. Varanasi, the centre of eastern Uttar Pradesh is now being developed as a medical hub by Modi Government.

Mr. Narendra Modi has done beautification of  many religious places of worshiping like Markandey Mahadev Temple, Dhamek Stupa, Gurudham Temple, Lal Khan Tomb, etc. Prime Minister Modi has been developing Varanasi as India’s first inland waterway multi-modal terminal. Varanasi is also the city of waivers and silk trade. Modi Government has been giving financial assistance, training and power looms to waivers in Varanasi. Mr. Narendra Modi has also built Trade Facilitation Centre and Crafts Museum in Varanasi. Atal Incubation Centre, Super Computer ‘Param Shivay’ and Vaidik Vigyan Kendra were also started by Mr. Narendra Modi.

Varanasi has never witnessed its all round and inclusive development. There is a very strong Modi Wave in Varanasi constituency and Mr. Narendra Modi is garnering support from all the sections of society. Tomorrow, on 19th May, Varanasi is going to re-elect Mr. Modi for a visionary and honest leadership. 

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