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The alibis of the Congress party

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G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra gave an inane excuse for not contesting from Varanasi by saying, her party and cadre asked her to campaign in more than forty constituencies where the Congress has fielded its candidates. She also said, if she were to contest from Varanasi, she would have to confine only to her constituency. This pat reply of hers was lapped by the pro Congress media as if she was telling them some new revelation. Of course, almost all columnists bashed her for not contesting against the Congress’s arch-rival PM Narendra Modi. Going by the applause, the prime minister got for his road show, the Congress might have back tracked.

Priyanka’s logic of not contesting in Varanasi is a non sequitur. For, one could ask: how come Shri Narendra Modi as a prime ministerial candidate in 2014, could manage to win his seat of Varanasi with a thumping majority and also could campaign extensively throughout India, energetically, to make his party the BJP to win resoundingly. It’s that kind of zeal and hunger that is necessary, not lame excuses and belated entries after enjoying foreign jaunts. Since PM Modi’s victory in Varanasi being a foregone conclusion, the lady from the first family wouldn’t like to get defeated in her maiden attempt. That defeat would haunt her entire life though she may get a decent minority- Congress vote.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi to an extent might have convinced the Hindi heartland Hindu voters by indicating them with his temple visits that he is one among them. No doubt, he tried hard. There’s no such effort by Priyanka, for, she believes India of grandmother’s age is still existent with pristine so-called secular values of the Congress. By following the mainstream media narrative, she wanted to touch the real life/bread and butter issues. She naively asks her audiences in her election rallies whether they got jobs as promised by the PM in 2014, as if in the earlier Congress regimes all youths were bubbling and bulging with jobs and salaries.

Next, she questions on the 15 lakh bank-deposits. It’s everybody’s knowledge that all elections promises may not be actualized. Shri Modi made a point in the last elections, hypothetically, that the amount of rich people’s money that’s hoarded in Swiss Banks is brought back, then each poor person, when distributed would get that much of amount. The rich of the country are not so easily caught. If they were to be nabbed so easily, they wouldn’t be rich! The hoarders are often vile and deceitful. On their list (of many),her husband’s name tops, unfortunately.

Often Priyanka mentioned about farmers distress. The BJP should have addressed it effectively as a long term policy in its initial stages of government. Of course, it did, of late, by direct benefit monetary transfer in to their (farmers) account. Earlier, the ruling BJP helped farmers in many ways by subsidising urea and other manures and by introducing new farming techniques. This farmers problem is a long-standing one that has been coming across the parties and governments from across the board. Priyanka says that she would not make false promises. Her ‘I do what I promise’ kind of an attitude is not time-tested. But it seems to be a bit of an arrogance on her part that seem to suggest that she is righteous and others are not.

The Congress party submitted a lot of complaints to the Election Commissioner on violation of model code of conduct by the BJP president and prime minister. However, the EC gave a clean chit to PM’s speech on Rahul Gandhi opting for Wayanad. The prime minister said that the Congress president opted to stand from a second constituency Wayanad for being likely to face the wrath of the people in Amethi for the label: ‘Hindu terror’ the Congress stuck to the peace-loving Hindus. He also said, in Wayanad of Kerala, the majorities are in a minority and the minorities in a majority. In India, unfortunately, the majority meant Hindus and the minority meant Muslims and Christians. These religious denominations are not found elsewhere in the world. For them, minorities meant immigrants on the basis of ethnicity. Technically, what the prime minister said is correct. He didn’t verbalize the terms: Hindus, Muslims and Christians. He just said the words: majorities and minorities that are enshrined in the Constitution. If they implicitly mean religions, so be it. After all that’s the legacy of the Congress.

Since, the Hindus do not have one prophet, one book and one language, the so-called secular forces in the country are pulling them apart. The PM might have wanted to send a clear signal to show the designs of those forces. The Prime Minister put all his stakes in Varanasi, a gutsy decision by him. Why couldn’t the same be exhibited by Rahul Gandhi? ‘The cadres are requesting to stand from Wayanad’- is an absurd argument. If the Congress cadres asked him to stand from Hyderabad (to fight against Assaduddin Owaisi ), would he agree? No. In reality, win ability is a factor in Wayanad for Rahul Gandhi.

As far as representing South India, the South is not crying hoarse for Rahul Gandhi. If he desired so strongly to represent the South, why did he not stand from the region in 2014? In 2014, the Congress led – UPA was in power at the Centre, so all was well. Now, he himself is skeptical of his win from Amethi as it’s being nurtured by the Centre and his rival there is none other than the articulate Smrithi Irani.

All the explanations of Priyanka, Rahul and the Congress spokespersons are all alibis. Yet, they claim they’re straight forward and truthful. So, the people in those constituencies have to be all the more cautious in voting.

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G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

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