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Know the real problem of Raghul Gandhi, the great Dynast Naamdar, save India, elect Modi

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Many Indians wonder what is the real problem of the dynast and why he cannot speak even a single truth in his lifetime and why he always utters statements that are totally false and fictitious Why the dynast always utters nonsense and displays his ignorance so boldly and bravely? The bigger joke is that after uttering all such nonsense and ignorant statements, the dynast often used to keep his face and body language ‘GREAT’; thinking as if he has won the Nobel Prize.

Ironically many the so called pseudo-journalists and self-appointed guardians of secularism in India whether purposefully and or ignorantly admire and worship all the stupidities and nonsense of the dynast. Dynast knows nothing but to tell lies and spread negativity is the general view of people about the dynast naamdar.

We must understand why the dynast behaves so funny and why no congressman is correcting or guiding the dynast to be more sensible than cynical?

The problem of the dynast is quite deep and cannot be changed. The bitter truth is that the dynast is yet to grow and mature in Indian politics but due to his legacy, even before he ripen, the top position has been given to him in the party. At the positional level the dynast the president of congress party but at maturity level, he is carrying the heart of a rat than a lion as it appears.

We must reflect one bedtime story being told by grandma to understand the dynast better.

Once upon a time a rat was living in a small village. Due to the constant fear of cats, the rat went to a sage and requested him to transform the rat to a cat so that it need not fear cats. Due to the kindness of the sage, the rat was transformed into a cat. But again the cat started to have the same set of fear that it used to have when it was a rat.

Again the cat went to the sage and requested him that the street dogs are always posing threat to its life so the cat may be transformed into a dog. Once again the sage showed his grace upon the cat and made into a dog. But again the same set of fear started to grip firmly onto the dog and the dog went to the sage and requested him to transform the dog to a tiger so that it need not have to fear about anything. As per the wish, the sage blessed the dog to become a tiger.

After a few days, a visitor had come to meet the sage and surprisingly it was the tiger with same set of fear and dissatisfaction. The new set of fear of the tiger was about the hunter. On hearing the same set of fear manifestations in the tiger, the sage finally cursed the tiger to become a rat as the rat was always carrying the same heart and head of a rat when it transformed into a cat, dog and tiger. So the rat is worth to live and die only as rat and it doesn’t deserve anything better.

Some people can’t change and won’t change. Rahul Gandhi is one such best example. When he became the Member of Parliament of congress party, became General Secretary, became Vice President and finally became the President, he displays same maturity level, leadership skill, ignorance and stupidity and has not shown any exemplary raise his stature, value system, clarity in his speech, honesty in his public utterances and wisdom in his facts.

Like the rat in the story how it remained as rat same even after the rat getting transformed into the tiger, so is the naamdar dynast.

Congress men would have supported the dynast with the hope that only the family can hold the party together but it is so shocking to note that the dynast is going to ruin all prospects of the party by continuously speaking lies and spreading negativity.

India has surpassed space and time in development and reaching great heights under Modi. Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India in the recent times has given clean and incorrupt governance, governance fully devoted and dedicated for development, sab ka vikas and national security. India can grow and achieve greater heights in development, economic supremacy and wellness only if Modi continue as Prime Minster of India and not the dynast or other tukde tukde gangs (regional parties). 

India needs a stable government and decisive Prime Minister– Narendra Modi to lead the country towards fulfilling the aspirations and dreams of millions and millions of Indians.


Today most of the gangsters are joining hand to defeat honesty, corruption free governance, agenda of sab ka vikas and national security. People of India should not fall like a flea into the spider net of all these corrupt forces and must remain resilient to save India by electing Modi.

Hope India shall grow as a developed nation where people love to live in India happily and with dignity that India is not a land of corruption and scam but full of virtues. Modi alone can save India therefore people should not only vote for Modi but also must spread the message of positivity and goodness about Modi to everyone around to save India. Let us pledge our unconditional support to Modi, let us make India a great country.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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