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Holiday of Rajiv Gandhi in INS Viraat, save India, elect Modi

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The recent revelations on how father of the dynast- naamdaar president of congress party, Rajiv Gandhi has used INS Viraat, India’s premier warship for his family holiday has shocked the nation. Although the article appeared several decades ago but received little attention then may be due to the prejudice and partiality of several media houses and their commitment to engage in punkha coolie business to the one family.

The above revelation shows how the then Prime Minister of India had compromised the safety of India, taken INS Viraat for granted, misused and abused power and simply it looks like, Rajiv Gandhi had used India as his family property and Indians as mere slaves to one family.

The daily expenditure involved in maintaining and running INS Viraat is phenomenal as it travels with an entire retinue of escort ships. Further the huge expense was also incurred in setting up a satellite link in Agatti during the entire duration of the holiday of Rajiv Gandhi.

When Modi present undeniable facts, they go around and destroy all the missiles of lies and destructive, divisive agenda of the dynast and his affiliates. Whether the issue of Bofors scam, Sikh riot in the after math of Indira Gandhi’s assassination and reported positive signal of Rajiv Gandhi to the incident, later belittling the riot by stating whenever a big tree falls, earth would shake and the recent holiday of Rajiv Gandhi by using INS Viraat as his private taxi, all the revelations are quite painful and disgusting and shows how the one family has ruined India.

Indians must recognize the fact that electing the same one family, promoting the dynastic politics, allowing corruption, nepotism and scams to breed will take India to nowhere. Modi has taken India to a new trajectory of development, sab ka vikas, has brought several structural reforms to prevent corruption in high places, digitalized the governance to ensure greater transparency, installed merit over nepotism and ended dynastic culture, focused on development and national security, regained the lost dignity and glory of India.

To comeback to power, the dynast and other opposition parties are selling lies, negativity, the seeds of destruction of India’s stability because they want to capture power and want to stop Modi because another 5 more years to Modi means, that would be the end of corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics in India.  All these corrupt forces want enough space in Indian politics for corruption and scam.

In Tamil Nadu, the DMK has even corrupted the election system by introducing the process of cash for vote formula for the first time in the state. Further DMK also served as an inspiration to several other parties in India to adopt the same formula of cash for vote during election.  This is the style of politics followed by those who oppose Modi, whereas Modi is practicing and promoting the politics of sab ka vika, corruption free governance, stable government, development and national security.

Empowering poor people is the main agenda of Modi whereas bribing poor people is the agenda of several political parties, inspiring people to be partner in building New India is the agenda of Modi whereas scaring and lying to people for vote is the politics practiced by several opposition parties, all are equal under law is the politics practiced by Modi whereas minority appeasement is the politics of dynast and opposition parties, promoting national cultural identity – Hinduism is the politics of Modi whereas working for Christian and Islam missionaries who wants to convert Hindus to their religion is the politics of the dynast and other opposition parties, development of India and sab ka vikas is the political theme of Modi but the opposition parties want the development of own family. People must see the difference between how prosperous is the vision of Modi versus how reductionist, negative politics of the dynast and several opposition parties are.

The contrast between Modi and rest is vivid, conspicuous and obvious. Modi represent all virtues, honesty, simplicity, the passion of India first, transparency, merit and inclusiveness.  Whereas the dynast and the rest follow the politics of corruption and scam, nepotism, anti-development, minority appeasement for vote etc.

People of India have extraordinary responsibility not only to save India from such greedy, destructive forces, but also to contribute towards the development and sab ka vikas initiatives of Modi.

Modi made Indians aspirational, wise, knowledgeable, accountable and responsible and finally inspired their definite role in building NEW INDIA. On the contrary, look at the scenario in West Bengal, the TMC goons are not even allowing people to vote because people want to vote for Modi. Congress very cleverly preserved poverty and poor, used them during election and then reserved them to the next election season. Whereas Modi did everything possible to lift the poor people, opened bank account for them, ensured direct transfer of government subsidies to their account without any pilferage to middlemen etc.

India has been developed as a wonderful country with great promise by Modi in the last 5 years.  The world is looking at India as one of the leader country which is going to shape and determine the destiny and future of the world under Modi.

Save India, elect Modi should be the manta people should chant, follow and promote because India should not be allowed to suffer and get destroyed under instable government formed by several corrupt forces nor by the dynast who also may use India as his family property like his father who used INS Viraat for his private holiday.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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