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Election 2019: Yes we won, people of India won

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Yes I won! We won! People of India won who voted for them. The reason was simple that the leadership of a decisive political leader Narendra Modi has won. I have been tagged several times as Bhakt by the people who don’t know the meaning that word and criticised by the to be self proclaimed intellectuals (some are my close friends) for supporting the policy of present government on several issues. I never said anything more then showing truth in mirror of History. I found a very common similarities among these people, they all say that once upon a time they were Bhakt like me but now they have an upside down for Modi. They never understood why they had this change but I Know.

After 2014 elections, there was a digital revolution and whacking increase in internet users. All the propaganda stirred in web world which earlier was limited to television on the name of news channel and Newspaper. My above mentioned friends who were new to this web world started reading and watching the edited content. That time fake news was not news and circulating it was easy. Special channel were created on foreign Christian NGOs. Internet had an earthquake and its eruptions were in form of Web Portals Facts provided on these new openings were selective and so was knowledge of receivers. As a result the psychology of the selective content which binds the unlimited capacity of the brain in chains. In the words of EH Carr,”Facts are like fish swimming in the vast and inaccessible ocean.” So what writer picks,is always depends on what kind of fish he want to catch.

The regular feeding of these negative stories worked on the vulnerable mind of younger generation and hate for Modi was developed. This didn’t Happen in one day, it’s constant negativity storage which veiled the window of their brain and prevented positive stories to get feed.

Today was the meltdown of these folks who got few information from these metro situated digital outlets in AC and were predicting for the nation like India with 90 crore voters.

I talked many of them today, shocking was that they consider 45% of the people who voted for as ‘stupid’. So much ego. They think that India will burnout in next five year(funny). The thing that they can’t see is that lie cannot win in front of an decisive and accepted leader among all section who is raising voice for national integration and Security.

They believe that India will become Hindu Rashtra. Here I want to question them that when were we not a Hindu Rashtra? First of all they should get there definition of Secularism right. With lame understanding of Dharm Nirpekshta and Dharm Sapekshata, it’s very mediocre to debate. India was and is a only Hindu Rashtra on the Earth with Dharm Sapekshata as its feature which means inclusive to all sects. The word Dharma is not equal to ‘Religion’, it is above than that. It is funny to see that people who talk of Secularism opposes Universal Code of Conduct. This expose their limited understanding of Bharatvarsh. The Nehruvian policies has made a secularism a one way street in which unlimited freedom is provided to others and only abstaining majority on name of equality.

This is the time they should accept the mandate of the largest democracy on Earth by its people. If they do not accept this, it would be a disrespect of not only democracy but also India, and the lakhs of election officers’ hard work.

Today common citizen won who were called stupid again and again. Today a Bharatiya won who is proud of its 10000 year old culture. Today a Hindustani won who never invaded any foreign country in its 10000 year old history but has been constantly attacked on his sovereignty because now he is empowered to give befitting replies to these attacks. Jai Hind.

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