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Congress Party President – Safest job in India

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Ram Tripathi
Ram Tripathi
Straightforward, love to share my opinion (not always unbiased).

Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting held on 25th May 2019, it has a come out that- safest job in India right now is ‘Congress Party President’. After continuous failure to achieve anything substantial from last 5 years, even lost his seat in Amethi, CWC unanimously decided that Shri Rahul Gandhi will lead the party as the party president in its ideological battle.

I see three reason in it.

  1. Everyone in party have accepted that this is a sinking ship and let all the blame go to Shri Rahul Gandhi.
  2. There is no true leader left in the oldest party of India, who can think and plan a strategy to overhaul the party situation in country.
  3. There is a threat that, if anyone other than Gandhi family, even think to challenge the decision and want to become party president will be ‘taken care of appropriately’.

Even a small organisation or start-up will never give this much opportunity to someone with that bad track records of achievements. He never talked and done something sensible, whether it is election rallies, interviews on new channels or interaction with students in his college visits. He doesn’t have any quality of being a party president except his disputed surname.

I am excited and happy that India has chosen Shri Narendra Modi ji again, and I wish BJP and Narendra Modi get another term and even I would like to see him Prime Minister of India till he is alive. Not because I am a blind supporter, but he have proved his devotion and achieved the love of country through his work. Nothing is hidden about what is his family doing even now.Role of a strong opposition in democracy is very important. In 2014 and now in 2019 Congress party could not gain just enough seats to get the role of opposition, its shame for the party and all its supporters.

Rahul Gandhi ji talked about him being Dattatreya Janeudhari Brhaman in few of his rallies last year, so I assume his mother Smt. Sonia Gandhi is also Brahamin. This reference was important because I should not suggest a Christian or Muslim to read Mahabharata, it will create controversy.Dhritarashtra was blind and could never saw Duryodhana’s shortcomings as a leader or emperor, that led to Kurukshetra war which destroys Kauravas and was a huge loss for humanity.

There is an urgent need for the Congress party to reconsider about the change and start looking outside the dynasty, otherwise the way they are going, hundred year from now, the oldest party of India will have just a paragraph left in history books.

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Ram Tripathi
Ram Tripathi
Straightforward, love to share my opinion (not always unbiased).
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