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Tom and Jerry game of Congress and JDS in Karnataka – Save India, elect Modi

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JDS, the alliance partner of congress in Karnataka has realized that the landslide victory of BJP in Karnataka and the imminent defeat of congress party is must for the survival of JDS government.  When BJP wins and congress loses, congress cannot take any upper hand in the state nor would dare to rock the government of JDS-congress combine.  If congress gains the ground, it would be bad luck for JDS.

Therefore the JDS cadres must realise the above truth that the defeat of congress party is more important for JDS than others. A weak congress and a defunct and defeated congress alone can ensure the continuation of HD Kumarasamy as Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Knowingly or unknowingly the congress party is in a catch 20 situation in the state and therefore the JDS wants to maintain the statuesque at any cost and wants the congress party to lose every seat in Karnataka.

Congress forming government at centre and JDS having a fair representation in 2019 is foregone conclusion as congress securing 100 seats itself looks impossible. All the regional parties also want congress to fare badly under the dynast. This is the political philosophy of all regional parties. All regional parties are tactfully working to defeat the congress party than BJP.

Congress is also equally following only the politics of how to weaken and defeat the regional parties. In Delhi, congress party wants to decimate AAP, in West Bengal, congress wants to annihilate TMC and left, in Kerala to congress want to make the left insignificant and that is why the party has made the dynast to contest from Wayanad as well.

Certainly the dynast is going to enjoy his first defeat in Amethi and the fear in anticipation also has pushed the dynast to look for a safe constituency – Wayanad is an open secret. In Karnataka, the congress is in alliance with JDS but it tactfully trying to erode the base of JDS in the state. In UP, congress has determined to destroy SP-BSP alliance. Congress could form government both In Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh only with the support of BSP but does not want to give ministerial berth to BSP as such move may strengthen BSP in those states.


The choice before the nation is as clear as the confusion among the opposition parties.

If all those self-deceiving and defeating political parties are given power, they would destroy India, cause instability and would bring back corruption, nepotism and dynastic rule. People of Karnataka are experiencing the worst government in the history ever since JDS-Congress alliance was formed and started to rule the state. People of Karnataka may be repenting for the mistake they did last time. But the forthcoming election is a wonderful opportunity to correct the mistake. If BJP get massive majority in Karnataka that would naturally put an end to the misrule in Karnataka. Either JDS-Congress may focus on good governance or would fall and would make way for new good governance to spring in the state.

The 2019 election is not about which political party people should elect but it is all about continuation of the present corruption and scam free government, government free of dynastic politics and nepotism, government centred on development, national security, sab ka vikas and entrepreneurship etc.


The growth and development achieved by India under Modi regime in the last 5 years is phenomenal. Narendra Modi has brought new governance style, development centric politics, politics full of responsibility, accountability and commitment than false promise which used be the style of congress party and other Tukde Tukde gangs. Indians have become aspirational, India has touched new height in cyber space defence and India has become a leader country that that is going to determine the fortune and destiny of the world are the remarkable achievements PM Modi has made.

On the other hand, the dynast is continuously engaged in selling lies, false promise, manufacturing fear, negativity and uncertainty, questioning the intelligence and integrity of our defence forces, indirectly supporting the cause of Pakistan.

Only point of anchorage of dynast and other Tukde Tukde gangs are to stop PM Modi and somehow grab power to loot the nation. The reason for the extraordinary hatred of the dynast and other regional parties towards PM Modi is that in the last 5 years, PM Modi did not allow all these Tukde Tukde gnags to loot our nation, so all these gangs are running out of money, jobless, have no opportunity to loot the nation, cannot fool poor people easily as they are made wise by Narendra Modi….. naturally all those corrupt forces are restless, sleepless, angry, frustrated, scared and therefore they display anger, negativity, spread fear, sell lies etc.

Every Indian has an extraordinary responsibility to save India. Every vote therefore must go towards saving India from the dynastic forces and Tukde Tukde gangs. India needs stability, development, national security and sab ka vikas which Narendra Modi alone can ensure.

Karnataka politics is the best example for how the congress and JDS are cutting at each other to ensure their survival by totally neglecting the interest of the state.

Chowkidhar Ranganathan

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