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Support Modi, war against corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics and politics of lies & negativity

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The 2019 election is not just an election of any particular political party (s) to form government at the centre but it is all about another freedom struggle.

In the freedom struggle before 1947, several freedom fighters fought incessantly, lost wealth, family, health, sleep etc., to attain freedom for our country from British rulers.

Many Indians thought they got independence in 1947, yes, we got freedom from British rulers but again we became slaves to family politics of congress party.

Look at the tyranny of congress party. It claims that it is century oldest party but could not find a single leader from India to lead and has to import a leader from Italy. Now, her son is found to be the fittest person among all congress leaders to lead the party. It reminds the famous quote of George Bernard Shaw “youth is wasted on young”. The political intelligence, political wisdom, the political experience, exemplary leadership skill, vision etc., of the congress party is getting wasted in unwise, witty dynast.

Congress is disliked mostly due to the family and its alleged corrupt deeds. Unfortunately the congress party wants to carry such baggage on its back to caricature itself to be unwise and stupid in Indian politics. The bizarre and brazen fact is that several of its leaders so bravely project its dynast to be a leader of separate class, quality and merit.  What a shame, what a pitiable state of affairs in congress party.

In Tamil Nadu, the situation of DMK too is more or less the same. 10 parliamentary constituencies amounting to 60 assembly seats, DMK has gifted to congress party in the state. More than the congress party, it was the DMK that was so desperate to align with congress party.

India and Tamil Nadu need freedom from the politics of family rule, dynastic rule, rule of nepotism and corruption. The 2019 election is the last battle of all those dynastic forces and if people vote wisely, all these forces and tukde tukde gangs can be eliminated from the political space of India permanently.

It like how little drops of water makes mighty ocean, every vote therefore counts to save India and Tamil Nadu from the dynastic, corrupt forces.

2019 election is like second freedom struggle. On the one side, the embodiment of truth, dedication, hard work, development, sab ka vikas, and national security, represented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP and on the other side, the dynastic forces, the gangs that are known for corruption and scam, nepotism and Gunda Raj are fighting.

Modi is fighting to free India from corrupt forces and at the other end, the corrupt forces are fighting to defeat India, form an unstable government, thwart development, national security, economic growth and sab ka vikas.

During pre-independence freedom struggle, every Indian although might have wanted to participate, could not have, due to starvation, lack of employment, poor wage and lack of freedom etc.  But today the situation is different. The independent India must be freed from the corrupt forces from within and such fight can win only if people render their unconditional support to PM Modi.

People of India must realize the larger truth that their vote is not just for Modi or BJP but for India, to free India from corrupt forces and the dynastic forces that want to loot our nation.  The voice and furry of negative forces are always attractive like how sweet would tempt the diabetic patient or how alcohol would tempt the drunkard.

People must develop enormous strength and tranquility from within, must develop courage and conviction not to fall into the trap of all those tukde tukde, corrupt, dynastic forces and instead they must pledge their soul and heart to develop India, ensure national security and achieve sab ka vikas.

Second term for Narendra Modi alone can make India prosperous and free of corruption. Today many NGOs, pseudo-journalists, tukde tukde gangs and regional parties are so angry with Narendra Modi because he has shut all doors for these people to loot our nation. Aadhar and PAN has been linked with all transactions like buying land, Gold, bank deposit, investment in share market or taking money outside India etc. Therefore all those looters find it hard to loot the money because they find it hard to slash the looted money. Further the Benami act also makes the looters vulnerable to divert their looted money on their close relatives. The bankruptcy and insolvency code makes the deliberate defaults of bank loan very vulnerable as once they are served insolvency; they cannot hold any public office or position. All these reforms have made the corrupt forces to come together and at any cost they wants to stop Modi from coming back to power. Since PM Modiji has closed the door of Hawala money, many NGO’s and their political affiliates have gone rut and are making noise against Modi.

People of India must realize that India must be saved and simultaneously freed from all those corrupt, dynastic forces. Therefore national sentiments, feeling of save India and free India from corrupt forces must prevail over personal political preference. If people collectively elect Narendra Modi and save India, definitely in future they don’t have to blame for anything.

The opportunity to make New India, India free from corruption, dynastic forces and India that gallop towards development, sab ka vikas, is with people. Elect Narendra Modi and save India and free India from corrupt forces. Do not waste your priceless vote by electing dynastic, corrupt gangs.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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