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Achievements of Modi Government

UP leaps 4 decades in 4 years, the Yogi-Modi factor

How the Modi-Yogi Combination is taking UP forward on the Gujarat Business Model and heading BJP towards victory in 2022 elections.

Has India finally found its voice?

When govt works for the benefit of the people and criticism of its workings is taken as a benchmark to improve rather than tarnish the reputation of the critic, is when Democracy is at its vibrant best and these 5 years have emphatically proven that.

Support Modi, war against corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics and politics of lies & negativity

The 2019 election is not just an election of any particular political party (s) to form government at the centre but it is all about another freedom struggle.

7 major hits and misses of Modi Government

Irrespective of intentions- no government or leader can be 100% perfect and there are always going to be hit and some misses.

Essay: The theory of jobless growth busted

The theory of jobless growth was applicable to the UPA era (2004-2014) and evidences suggest the same. There is no place and time context nor evidence to support this theory for the NDA government of 2014-2019.

‘X’ factor in Lok Sabha elections 2019

Opposition speak lies loudly and repeatedly, overshadowing the truths and glories of the govt. Modi and BJP can't take it lightly which will only ensure a defeat in 2019.

Can we unbiasedly evaluate this four and half years’ Modi rule?

These are some of those achievements of Narendra Modi government that are non-controversial and even opposition can't deny them.

10 Best transformations of Modi Government

Modi-led government is clocking over a year at the wheel. Here are  major things Modi government has achieved since coming to power.

NaMo Harate: A novel approach to spread awareness about Narendra Modi government’s achievements

NaMo Bharath is newly formed independent and self-funded organization comprising mostly of young professionals and students volunteers who aim to work in support of Narendra Modi in Karnataka.

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