Friday, May 24, 2024
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Ankesh Kumar

Marketer, Influencer, Blogger, Traveler, Movie Buff, Reviewer of Gadgets, Movies & Political View. Share honest and personal opinions along with facts collected from sources that don't appear in mainstream media. Professional Background as Marketing Leader in Technology Space with 20+ years of experience. A man who likes many things. Avid traveler, occasional adventurer, professional marketer, movie collector, gadget lover and photography enthusiast.

7 major hits and misses of Modi Government

Irrespective of intentions- no government or leader can be 100% perfect and there are always going to be hit and some misses.

Modi visit to Pakistan is All about Barkha’s Book

How Barkha stole Christmas from Modi

No Odd/Even But 7 Realistic Ways To Reduce Vehicular Pollution from Metros !

Enough of several debates that we keep hearing about AAP's new odd/even rule to control the pollution due to vehicles in Delhi. I am...

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