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Problem of a truthful liar Naamdar-Dynast, President of Liars Club, save India, elect Modi

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Indian mythology has shown eloquently how those who speak truth, walk the path of dharma, believes in honesty and universal welfare suffers the worst. The story of King Harischadra and King Sibi tells nothing but the above truth only.

Indian politics also has shown that how much the honesty, commitment and hardworking is traumatized and abused and the perfect example is Narendra Modi. He was tortured a lot by UPA 2 to malign his reputation and honesty. The role of several pseudo-journalists media houses in defaming Modi is quite significant. The reason for the success of Modi is that he did not get deterred by the criticism or abuses but continued with his mission of development and sab ka vikas tirelessly.

Another politician in India, the hall of fame Naamdar dynast also can be credited as the honest person. The dynast also speaks only truth but the only difference is that he is always honest enough to speak lies. His truth is lie and therefore he lies truthfully and honestly. 

People of India have accepted Narendra Modi, believe in him, follow him, respect him and vote him because people have seen his intent and actions, born out of sincerity, patriotism, commitment and concern for poor and downtrodden. Therefore people want Modi back again as Prime Minister of India to lead the country towards greater success.

The people have completely rejected the naamdar dynast who also can claim he too speaks only truth but the reason is quite curious. Speaking lies is the honest business of Rahul Gandhi which he does perfectly, honestly and dutiful.

The problem of naamdar dynast is not about his lies. People wants to hear more lies from the dynast, people wants to know more stupidity and ignorance of the dynast, people enjoys listening to the dynast, then why the honest disposition of lies by the born liar is not been accepted and respected by people of India?

The real problem of the dynast is that he lies at Narendra Modi and the bizarre expectation of the dynast is that people should believe his nonsense.

How people would believe a born liar?

The naamdar with long tradition of corruption and lying when utters lies at a honest leader, a leader who is committed so much into the agenda of development and sab ka vikas, a Prime Minsiter who has reformed India and taken India to new heights of development and empowerment, people would not believe the liar and nor would respect such liars?

Naamdar always claims that he is an embodiment of love and that was the explanation he gave to people of India when he was asked why he hugged Modi in Parliament. The bitter truth is that he is the symbol of lie, hatred and negative politics.

Like Lucifer in the biblical versus, the dynast is projecting uglier face of his politics with sweet coating. But the question is that people of India are not going to trust the naamdar dynast.

Another interesting twist in the entire narrative is that, only the other dynast naamdar, his sister could help to authenticate his truthful lies.  No one else in the congress party can match the naamdar dynast Rahul Gandhi like his sister.

On the contrary, millions and millions of people of India are with Modi, promoting his agenda of development, spreading his message of sab ka vikas and national security. Millions and millions of people of India are tirelessly working to tell every people around them about how India has transformed in the last 5 years and how many more unfinished tasks are there for Narendra Modi to achieve to make India the ‘LEADER COUNTRY’, economic super power.

This election is all about a fight between negative forces versus positive mission of Modi. The election is all about development versus dynasty, honesty versus corruption, merit versus meritless-ness, nepotism and sycophancy versus fairness and indiscrimination.

People having identified and recognized the truthful liar– Naamdar dynast, let us limit the role of the dynast to continuously lie and not to rule India.

Like laughing club, the dynast can start a liars club and he can also become the president of liars club. Even if he is challenged by some congress men for his poor performance in the party, no one on earth can challenge him in liars club because no one can ever match him or defeat him in lying. He alone can remain as the monarch, emperor and King of liars club for all times. 

Save India, elect Narendra Modi should be the inner call every Indian must invoke and spread across.

Chowkidar Ranganathan



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