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Political metamorphosis of Rahul GHANDI, sorry Rahul Gandhi

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The great dynast of congress party is constantly adapting his political strategies like how an octopus would changes its colour and appearance in the sea either to escape either from the predator or to confuse its prey.  Initially the dynast tried to use Hindutwa affiliation of BJP to brand Narendra Modi as a communal person but finally the dynast has ended up in proving ‘me too Hindu’, carrier of Brahmin DNA and born bhakta of Lord Siva etc.

Then the dynast used cow vigilantism and mob lynching to target BJP but the investigations later revealed that most of such incidents have had no link with BJP or RSS but it was blown out of proportion by the dynast and the opposition parties for a political mileage. The dynast then tried to milk some political fortune out of the death of Rohith Vemula but again he got defeated. The JNU incident also proved that the dynast was on wrong footing to target PM Modi as people are India are constantly watching the innate stupidity and ignorance of the dynast.

Subsequently the dynast changed his track and started to blow the pipe of justice Loya’s natural death and somehow tried to link the BJP. But the case was dismissed prima facie in the court due to the abundant medical facts and undeniable evidences pointing towards the death of Justice Loya to be natural.

After many overs of no balls, wides and sixes, the dynast did nothing to change his strategy and continued with the same trick.

In true sense, the dynast has learned nothing from Indian politics. The reason being, one must have ‘reasonable intelligent Quotient’ and only then can learn something. The dynast became the president of congress party not due to his proven merit but due to his birth in Nehru – Indira Feroz Jehangir Ghandy not Gandhi family.

Then the dynast took up the internal fight of some senior judges of the supreme court of India against the then Chief Justice of India. But the entire show got flopped and the dynast could not make anything worthwhile to save his ever dying dynasty. The dynast then tried use Rafale deal to caricature PM Modi as corrupt but people of India are not fools like some congress men who always praise the dynast. The case went to the supreme court and finally supreme court of India has clearly stated that not scam or corruption or violation of principles have happened in the deal.

The honesty and incorruptible leadership character of Narendra Modi got once again proved. The dynast by way of abusing PM Modi abused entire Chowkidar community by calling them thief. Like how Manishankar Iyer may be due to his Iyer mind-set abused Narendra Modi in 2014 by calling him chaiwala and mocked the entire poor tea sellers in India.

But unfortunately the Ghandi sorry Gandhi dynast couldn’t change his political fortune by doing everything.  He was moving from one flop show to another. Then the dynast launched his sister dynast to try his better luck. But that too didn’t work much to his favour. Finally the Ghandi sorry Gandhi dynast has come up with a grant scheme called minimum wage support of 72,000/- per year to poor people.

Look at the metamorphosis of the dynast in Indian politics.  He was moving from spreading one lie, negativity and hatred to accusing and abusing the Honest Narendra Modi, selling minority appeasement and fear with the hope that he can fool and mesmerize Indian voters. But nothing has worked. Finally he has gone back to the poor people as he would have realized that poor people are gullible, can be fooled easily and can win election.

The other dynastic parties like DMK naturally have to join the congress party as both these parties have got the same cluster of genes such as dynasty, nepotism, negative politics and corruption.

If the dynast has engaged in positive politics of development and sab ka vikas, the dynast would have got better recognition today. If the dynast has apologised to the Indians for the corruptions and scams it was involved in the past and supported PM Modi for developing India, the dynast would have got better respect and recognition today.  But the dynast is so arrogant and want to make India believe and accept that it is his birth right to rule India and not of PM Modi. If the dynast has not mocked tea sellers and chowkidars, not ridiculed the poor and humble origin of Narendra Modi, if the dynast has not questioned the honesty and dedication of PM Modi, the dynast would have created better image to himself.

When Indian soldiers were attacked by the Pakistani trained terrorists in Pulwama, the dynast tried to misrepresent the incident for his political working capital. But PM Modi retaliated by making a non-military air strike in the terror camps in Balakot inside Pakistan territory and the subsequent capture and safe release of one of our wing command, instead of acknowledging the dignity of India, the Tukde Tukde gangs of the dynast praised Pakistan.

Collectively all the flop strategies of the dynast has thoroughly exposed him and as a result he has to run away from Shrimati Smriti Irani to Kerala to save his MP post. How the dynast who is not even sure of winning in his own constituency – Amethi, can save India.

When PM Modi praised our scientists for the launch of anti-satellite technology, the dynast cried it to be poll violation but the election commission has cleared it as it was well within the dignity of India’s Prime Minsiter – Modi.

Let us save India by electing Narendra Modi and ensure the agenda of development, sab ka vikas and national security and definitely not the dynastic forces.

To save Tamil Nadu, AIADMK alliance must win and not the DMK + congress.

Hope the people of Tamil Nadu will own up the responsibility to save the state by defeating DMK alliance and their hate politics.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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