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‘Jan Shakti’ and versus ‘Dhan Shakti’: Defeat dynast, elect Modi, save India

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The candid Interview of Shri Narendra Modi, the dearest Prime Minister of India, the most respected leader by billions of people across the globe to Akshya Kumar, Bollywood actor was quite inspirational.

From a humble beginning, through untiring work, patriotism and passion for Bharat Mata, Narendra Modi rose to such heights. He understands the problems of poor people better than all other politicians in India, especially the dynast and his family members because he has suffered poverty, starvation, penury and pain of the poor. Therefore he alone can eliminate poverty, empower the poor and develop the country.

Starting from integrating the poor people into banking sector, direct transfer of money from various schemes into the accounts of the poor, transfer of subsidies directly into the bank account of poor, providing cooking gas connection, building toilets for safe sanitation, providing drinking water supply, electrification, health insurance coverage…. what not Modi has done for the poor people.

Even if someone is poor, because of he or she belongs to forward community, should not suffer from lack of opportunity in education and therefore Modi govt. brought 10% reservation to economically weaker section of people from forward community.

Modi ensured that the new reservation should not affect the existing reservation and hence asked all educational institutions to increase the number of seats by 10% that may be exclusively allotted to economically weaker section of people from forward community.

People used to wonder why Modi is liked so sincerely by everyone and how Modi alone could remain uncorrupt and in-corruptible in Indian politics whereas on the other side, several dynastic parties are fighting from within and fighting in public to grab power to loot our nation. He wants to be in spiritual line as a Sadhu, a sage, a saint, a mendicant.

Narendra Modi is a living example for purity, honesty and sagacity.

Narendra Modi represents ‘Jan Shakti’ (people) whereas the dynast politicians represents ‘Dhan Shakti’ (money).

Divinity and development, divinity and national security, divinity and elimination of poverty, divinity and removal disease and suffering, always go together, and the word has witnessed the same in the past and also in the recent times, the day Modi became our Prime Minsiter. Modi has come as messiah of peace, development, integrity, sab ka vikas and national security. He is on a mission to destroy all evil forces from Indian politics.

Like how Arjuna and 5 Pandava brothers stood with Lord Krishna to destroy all the 100 brothers of evil Kaurava clan, people of India must stand with Modi, to defeat all dynastic forces, forces that wants to grab power and cause instability, the gang that wants to loot our nation, breed nepotism, promote the culture of sycophancy and punkah coolie and finish off India.

The tradition and spiritual culture of India alone can solve the growing problems of the world, be it terrorism, economic crisis, erosion of human values and morality, ecological problems. Hinduism and Indian tradition has answers for every problem.

Narendra Modi kindles the moral and intellectual consciousness among people, empowering people with responsibility and duty, demand people to commit and pledge for developing India and ensure national security, want people to promote universal brotherhood and honesty and probity in public life.

No political leader in India in the recent times we can find as PURE as Modi, as HONEST as Modi, as WORKHOLIC as Modi.

Narendra Modi could remain so because he has adopted India and Indians as his family whereas the dynastic politicians want only their family and extended families to amass wealth all illegal means and develop and not the nation.  Look at the scenario in Karnataka or Kerala, in Karnataka, the grandfather – Deva Gowda, his two sons, and their sons …. and that is how JDS is growing. In Tamil Nadu the written law of DMK is that only Stalin alone is eligible to become chief minister of Tamil Nadu if DMK comes to power and no other DMK leaders is as eligible or as wise as Stalin. After Stalin, his son would come to such position as preparations for the above has already started.

Be it Lalu in Bihar or SP in UP, all are family show. Strength of all these parties lies in money and muscle power but the strength of Modi is due to people of India. The committed millions and millions of people who love India and want India to develop are with Modi.

The reason why most of the dynastic forces are rattled with Modi because defeating someone with ‘Jan Shakti’ is impossible and before ‘Jan Shakti, the Dhan Shakti cannot win.

To save India, people must re-elect Narendra Modi with massive margin and when he has absolute majority, he can bring more reforms to develop India, defeat all dynastic, corrupt forces, ensure national security and acheve sab ka vikas.  Save India and elect Modi govt.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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