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From Bhookamp (भूकंप) to Brahmastra – Know the lying dynasty on bail, save India, elect Modi

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The biggest comedian in Indian politics, the one who remains unbeatable in telling lies without even an iota of shame, the one who rides purely on dynasty and getting celebrated due to sycophants and Punkah coolies has proved once again that he alone can beat his records in saying jokes and lies. Once the dynast claimed that he has some truth and if reveals that would cause Bhookamp. But not even a storm in tea cup the dynast could make after his claim of producing a Bhookamp.

Subsequently when the other dynast of the party, the sister of the Namdar was launched in UP politics, the Punkah coolies and sycophants called the sister of the dynast to be the Brahmastra of congress party and claimed that she would sweep polls in UP for congress. May be due the hype and hymn of sycophants and Punkah coolie, the daughter dynast went to the extent to say she would contest against PM Modi in Varanasi and would defeat him if her brother dynast ever wants her to do so. The premature and immature statement has given some fuel to the Punkah coolie to write columns after columns about the daughter dynast and her political acumen.

The so called independent journalists depending upon the wage of the dynast have gone to an extent to claim that the daughter dynast may even defeat Narendra Modi in Varanasi. The question is how long all those sycophants of the dynast would see day dream and live in fool’s paradise? Even after seeing Modi Tsunami in Varanasi, if the sycophants refuse to see the truth, oblige to speak only lies and dispose only ignorance, no one can help them or can save them either.

Indians must be very careful of all those obnoxious and toxic elements from hurting the development and national security of India. Modi has made a sea of change, developments in Varanasi. Varanasi is the nucleus of Hinduism, cradle of spirituality and the river Ganga is the soul of our Hindu tradition. Time has come India must re-invent its ancient roots and re-trace its identity that India is a Hindu Rastra. The secular fabric in India remain unturned purely due to the tolerance and resilience of Hindus as the Hindu culture is all about tolerance, acceptance and equal respect even to those who defer with Hinduism.

The road show of PM Modi is Varanasi has witnessed how much Indians love and respect him. No political leader enjoys such respect like Modi because he is honest, committed and on the agenda of development and sab ka vikas. Whereas the dynast and most his family members who are on bail, facing serious corruption charges, are engaged in spreading negativity and hatred, minority appeasement and humiliating Hindus by coining terms called Hindu and saffron terrorism. Sadhvi Pragya is the living fossil of the atrocities of congress government towards Hinduism.

Narendra Modi did cause Tsunami of support to his candidature and for BJP. The good and corruption free governance, governance focused on development, national security and sab ka vikas, promoting the economic leadership of India, making everyone equal partners in building NEW INDIA are the leadership style of Narendra Modi whereas the dynast is constantly engaged in negativity, telling lies, minority appeasement, playing caste politics, promoting nepotism, corruption, dynastic politics etc. India has changed significantly. People are well-informed. Therefore the dynast cannot sell his lies in the political bazaar of India anymore. Unfortunately no one has educated the dynast about NEW INDIA and instead appears to have tutored only about the rotten congress style of campaigning which is full of lies and negativity.

Therefore every Indian must work towards achieving congress mukt Bharat. The maker of bhookamp along with the Brahmastra is sufficient enough to destroy the congress party as both of them are engaged in negativity and hate politics. Indian politics can be transferred into the game of positive energy, progress, vision for future, development agenda and micro-plans for sab ka vikas only if Indians vote out the dynastic forces and Tukde Tukde gangs. Therefore Modi must be supported by people unconditionally and must give decisive majority so that the agenda of development, national security and sab ka vikas can continue and India shall become an economic global super power.

India is drowning under the negative politics of the dynast & namdars and the election is not about just defeating the dynastic politics in India but it is all about save India from the Tukde Tukde gangs which want to scavenge and loot the public exchequer after comes to power.  Save India and elect Narendra Modi led BJP should be the mantra, people of chant, spread and follow until the election is over.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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