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BJP manifesto –evidence of achievements and bona-fide for NEW INDIA

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The Sankalp Patra of BJP for 2019 is the certificate of achievements of Narendra Modi’s government in the last 5 years and is also a credible proof for what his government wants to do in future to make NEW INDIA, the dream of millions of Indians.

Unlike the manifesto of congress party which is nothing but a stained kettle full of lies, promises and falsehood without any micro-details or details about how the promises would be implemented if the party is elected to power. In a sense the manifesto of congress party is nothing but full of tall promises and even if those promises are implemented, will do nothing to change the life of poor people or farmer or would solve the problem of unemployment. The manifesto of BJP on the other hand has several structural and concrete steps to solve all most all problems of India.

Congress has decided to sell dream because it knows that people of India will not elect the witty dynast to power so it wants to sell lies and false promises with the hope that some gullible people may believe the congress and would vote.

The manifesto of BJP is full of blue prints and working steps to build New India. As expected, for BJP and PM Modi, nation and national interest comes first, whereas for congress party, the family and the dynast are more important than the country. Therefore national security, zero tolerance towards terrorism, simpler and transparent procedures for the procurement of defence equipment’s in future, increased freedom and support to defence department are some of the commitments given in the manifesto of BJP.

The abrogation of article 370 and annulling of 35A, repatriation of Kashmiri Pandits back in Kashmir, implementation of common civil code, citizenship amendment without affecting the native culture, measures to uphold the age old tradition of Hindu temple – Sabarimala in Kerala are also stated in the manifesto.

Introduction of pension for farmers, interest free credit card for loan, measures to double farm income, 25 lakh crore investments in farm sector to improve productivity are some of the clear measures committed in the manifesto.

For middle class, tax reduction, simplification of GST, Pucca houses to all poor families by 2022, greater thrust for make in India and special efforts to boost the manufacturing sector to solve the problem of unemployment are other hallmark steps PM Modi has committed in the poll manifesto of BJP.

Clear and achievable measures and commitments are quite vivid in BJP manifesto whereas the manifesto of congress party is full of false promises and freebies aimed for vote bank politics. Hardly any vote bank politics or politics meant for votes or neglecting the agenda of sab ka vikas or jeopardising the economic growth of our nation, we can find in the BJP manifesto whereas only lies, false promises and freebies are present in the manifesto of congress party.

Even the Southern states like Tamil Nadu have lot to celebrate from the manifesto of BJP. BJP and Narendra Modi have clear plan to solve the perennial problem of water shortage in Tamil Nadu.

The manifesto of BJP is the foundation of NEW INDIA. It is the blue print to fulfill the aspirations of people. The BJP manifesto clearly spells not only the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but step by step actions and clear milestones for the development of India and sab ka vikas.

From security of our nation to tax reduction to farm reform to fostering entrepreneurship to pucca houses for all poor people to pension scheme for poor farmers to medical reform to safeguarding our tradition to abrogation of article 370, every point stated in the manifesto of BJP are aimed at transforming India and not meant for vote bank politics as aimed by congress party in its manifesto.

Hope all the electorates and first time voters will pledge that they would contribute their best to make our country developed, secured and every Indian prosper by electing Narendra Modi and not the divisive, dynastic forces.

Stability versus instability, selfless service versus selfishness, democracy versus dynasty, honesty versus corruption, absolute fairness versus nepotism, development of nation versus development of own family are fighting the election in 2019.

The biggest karma i.e. duty of every Indian is to save India from the Tukde Tukde gangs and dynastic forces and make Narendra Modi once again our Prime Minister. Let us make India a developed state, the country that would define the destiny of the world, the country where every citizen has equal opportunity and encouragement, as envisaged by PM Modi.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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