Flattering tricks of Pakistan

There are many ultra secular journalists and so called intellectuals who are advocating peace and diplomatic talks with Pakistan to resolve the issues. Many so called intellectuals are against economic boycott of Pakistan.

They are mistaken they must take efforts to understand why Pakistan was created and understand the basis of its existence.

Obviously we had more diplomatic talks and singing shows than wars. Too many cultural exchanges which is off course Urdu imposition on native Hindus and peace dialogues failed to resolve issues between India and Pakistan.

Syed Ahmed Khan and Syed Amir Ali, rejected the notion that India’s “two distinct communities” could be represented by the Congress

Syed Ahmad Khan got ‘Sir’ title from Britishers just because he asked Muslims to follow British so that Muslims secure good Government jobs.

Muslim League developed on ideas of Syed Ahmad Khan by Nawab of Dhaka and later shaped by Jinnah.

The “Two-Nation Theory”, the belief that Hindus and Muslims were two different nations who could not live in one country, gained popularity among Muslims.

Expecting friendship between India and Pakistan seems to be an impossible task. India wants peace but not at the cost of tolerating terrorism from Pakistan.

It’s not about Kashmir issue. Pakistan backed terrorists attacked Delhi, Mumbai and even Hyderabad blasts had Pakistani links. These regions are not part of Kashmir.

Even Islamic nation like Afghanistan is opposing Pakistan.

We had peaceful pigeons even after Kargil war but what India got is series of terrorist attacks from Pakistan. Special trains are arranged for common people of Pakistan so that they attend rallies of terrorist Hafiz Saeed. We can see many suited booted Pakistani on media but it does not mean they are sane.

Let me give you a simple reason why we should boycott Pakistani artists. It is proved beyond doubt that every organ of Pakistani state advocates and sponsors terror against India.

Pakistani artists must not earn from India because their taxes are going to Pakistan which will be used to fund terrorism.

I am not advocating a full fledged war but peaceful talks and cultural exchanges are definitely not the solution.

Redefining Indus water treaty and planned military tactics backed by diplomatic assertiveness is the best way to deal with Pakistan.


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