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What is the opposition mixture banking up on for 2019?

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Seeing the recent hysterics of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee over the CBI investigation into Saradha Chit fund case and the brazenness with which she came to defend an accused police officer, raises many questions. The questions are not simple, the questions are complicated.

The question is not why Mamata Banerjee is doing this, the question is how dare she support corruption so openly and in such a brazen manner and still expect to win elections. She has won elections in the past and it is her second term in WB as CM, so on what grounds did people vote for her second time when the only thing she did was to replace CPIM terror politics withe Bangladeshis terror politics. TMC party set up reminds one not of politics but mafia.

Gangrape of pregnant wife of a BJP worker, who is reported to have committed suicide now speaks volumes about what is happening in West Bengal which has a reported history of 55 thousand political murders during communist rule. The ruthlessness of commies had touched heights in West Bengal where communist workers and so called leaders made a woman eat the rice soaked with the blood of her 4 year old son. The criminal behind this gruesome crime died recently and there is no report of any action being taken against him throughout his life.

The Bengalis were supposed be tired of this violent politics and they found substitute in Mamata. Gangrape of pregnant wife of a BJP worker, who is reported to have committed suicide now speaks volumes about what is happening in West Bengal which has a reported history of 55 thousand political murders during communist rule., but hardly they knew that they were substituting one suppressor with the other one. Mamata like commies has her own tricks, she is ruling West Bengal through the threat of Mulsim flare ups and Bangladeshi illegals threat of violence against the majority community.

The desecration of Mandirs is very common, rapes are very common but since it is not BJP ruled state our media has no time to report such matters, as now suddenly after congress took power in Rajasthan the Muslims killed for Cow smuggling have become nameless boys, the word Gau Rakhshaks has been replaced by Crowd, and lastly lynching word has now been modified to the softer one like “beating”. This is is our media which wants us to believe what they say while clearly they have an agenda and open one. They want to demonize Hindus of India in every way they can, they want to portray them as most violent intolerant bigoted and what not. For this media terrorists who kill people are simply headmasters sons, the Naxals who smash heads of 4 month old babies in front of their parents to continue and sustain their rein of terror are called rights activists.

It is this cover to the crime and criminals which has emboldened all criminals of the country, be they petty criminals or the big criminals like those involved in Chit fund scams, Chara ghotala and all the loot. we can just see how media is protecting such criminals by using the free for all sheets of secularism.

Only thing they have to do is oppose Hindus abuse RSS say Hindu marriages are dirty, Holi is bigger threat than nuclear leak and Diwali is responsible for all the pollution in the world and temperature rise in Africa deserts is because Hindus celebrate it. This is what secularism is all about in India, where Bombs and guns recovered from ISIS module are harmless and Hanuman sticker ant the back end screen of a vehicle has the capacity to make another 9/11 happen.

Under this garb of secularism Lalu the convict is the epitome and torch bearer of democracy, the Dynasty and its people are divine blessing and all their loot is the sacrifice of Italy for the sake of India.

Now even when the whole opposition has announced support for the brazen violation of law by a sitting CM of a state and these same thugs are doing Save Democracy theatrics and our media is dutifully obfuscating the fact that there is ghotala for thousands of crores through these ponzi schemes and it was the SC who had directed CBI to conduct investigation of the same.

Since BJP resumed power the media cleverly and clandestinely diverted the attention of people of India from the great work being done for poor like providing insurance cover to poor, connecting poor with banking system. Great reforms like GST and increase in India’s stature at the world level, no they had bigger issues there like what some leader said about woman one thousand years ago, How Hindus are intolerant and How all the terrorism in Kashmir started just after 2014, and how all Indians became poor after that.

Recently we all have seen a flare up of news portals but seeing the content it is obvious that they are in the business of propaganda and spins and lies. Just having a cursory look at outlets like Print and Wire an unbiased person will be convinced that these are not news portals but something else. Occasionally they may come up with some news or analysis but all this seems to be a ploy to provide covering to their real intent.

In India media has no responsibility to be truthful, and if some one raises questions over their spins and twists there are cries of Media Under threat. Despite being free to obfuscate lie and mislead the same media mercenaries are the ones who cry Modi is Hitler at the first opportunity provided to them. Yes they cry Modi is Hitler and still claim their voices are suppressed. Do they realize that when there is dictatorship no one can shout about it and their very shouting is the proof that what they are saying is utterly false.

Our media knows it is the big part of elections and can earn out of it and their earnings seems to have taken a nose dive since Modi took over. So that is the reason that street fight between two teenagers becomes India is intolerant and Mamta crying to save the corrupt is called Save democracy and action against money laundering is called vendetta.

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