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Terror – Opposition’s last resort to defeat Modi?

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Let the brave martyrs rest in peace. I write this in deep pain for the loss of the bravest shields of India. The attack on 14th was the worst and I trust in the Government and confident Narendra Modi promising that no drop of soldiers’ blood shall go in vain.

The anti-national forces and the political parties had a nightmare in 2014 when NDA got a majority and formed the government. Not only did these UPA and NDA had different political views, but their ideologies were entirely different to the core. NDA had waited for a long time to form a stable government. UPA had tasted the bitter medicine of NDA when Late Atalji became the PM. UPA did everything possible and got into power in 2004. They started looting the nation. They were doubtful if any day NDA would come to power. They changed/amended every possible rule/law and created a lot of rules to favor those in power. Nation’s worst period of 2004-2014 ended when NDA got a majority and Narendra Modi became PM in 2014.

What did they do?

They tried every possible way to oppose/criticize/attack and get back into power. Let’s analyze a few of them.

Intolerance – BJP has been wrongly labeled communal for decades. They tried lighting that match stick to see if that works. There were several liberals who raised voices, returned awards and performed well in media to plant the thought that India is not in safe hands anymore. Narendra Modi and his government did nothing in response and the flame faded out. This was a small stone by them to check if it works.

Demonetization– PM Modi took a daring step and removed 86% of the currency. Everyone from the opposition starting the drama again and Rahul also posed in a queue in front of an ATM. The fear and wrong perception of demonetization was strongly fed to the people by the media which never spoke about the facts and benefits from demonetization. Oh, yea! Everyone on social media was expert economists for a few months. This stone didn’t hit the target well too. Oops!


Communal paint – There were several decisions such as a ban on beef and others by the government which fueled the opposition again. They tried to show the government as saffron terrorists. Do not forget many leaders ate beef in the name of freedom just to prove their point. When Yogi Adityanath took oath as CM in UP, the fear among opposition increased as he was tougher than Pm Narendra Modi to deal with. He is daring, fearless and strong. Another miss by the opposition!

PM Modi was busy building the nation with infrastructure projects, economic revolutions, schemes for poor, international relations, security, and everything else for us.

GST – A revolutionary tax rule that changed the age-old rules and made tax absolutely simple and leakproof. The complex rules and the fishy scams were unearthed. Prices were slashed and the Gabbar Singh Tax drama didn’t work out. What next?


Fuel prices– The Bharath Bandh drama, protests and support by different state governments tried to create a doubt in the minds of people if PM Narendra Modi is actually against Middle Class. But the government proved with its schemes that no class or section of the society is neglected.

National Security – Surgical Strike was questioned, Doklam issue and the stance of the government were commented. This stone was strong and the opposition was worried as Pakistan was out of money and weak. China was there for their support but still. The government considered national security as top priority, unlike the blabbering opposition which is far from nationalistic ideas and indirectly supported enemies.

Economy – All the so-called media economists have tried to attack the government with many fake numbers but the developmental agenda of the PM Modi has proven that this is the golden age for India. This fact has also been acknowledged by businessmen and leaders across the world. Ever heard a government in India saying we have enough money to buy warcraft off the shelf with no credit?

Alliances and Mahagatbandhan– Coming to politics and voting. UPA has been a master in this front. The exact number of vote share, the number required, magic numbers, NOTA (remember how UPA played with NOTA and formed governments in MP and RJ), divide the society based on caste, religion, economic background and what not? They have their arrows in the quiver. They started making alliances with every political party which has the same mentality. There were many parties which were born opposing the Congress rule (TDP), other regional parties (BSP and JDS), the communist party, TMC, and pretty much everybody who is uncomfortable with clean policies and nationalistic ideas of BJP. It is unsurprising that in a team of several parties, every leader is a PM aspirant. This is a bunch of stones in a basket called corruption pelted against Narendra Modi. I cannot yet say that this arrow has been a failure till the elections. In the worst case, if this alliance comes into power, India will witness the darkest ages in history.

Rafale – Enough has been spoken and lied about Rafale by Rahul. Every part of that has been proven a lie and nothing much to discuss it. No doubt this stone is a waste of time and effort by UPA. In the last months to the election, they want to keep the media focus and keep shouting so that they are not forgotten.

Meanwhile, PM Modi had shifted the focus from development to politics and started visiting every state and reach out to every common man listing the developmental work.

Terrorism – Here comes the last and big weapon. The attack in Pulwama killing more than 40 bravest sons of Mother India. Terrorism in India has a long history right from the day India was partitioned. This weapon has been used many times by the Congress to shift the focus, create/amend any government rules favoring decision makers, get sympathy votes, create unrest and divide, etc. Now, they have used it again as the last resort. They want the government to act and create a war situation right before India goes for elections in April or May 2019.

Remember, they have been sharpening the knife called media with a good strategy when an attack happens. Almost all the newspapers have reported the attacks with a soft corner. The unrest will create political tensions and the political gains for the opposition are immense. One wrong step by Narendra Modi is what they are waiting for.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has defended every stone pelted and used it to build Bharat for the past 5 years. I wish the government takes a careful step because all they want is to defeat Modi by hook or crook.

PM Narendra Modi has tweeted ‘The sacrifices of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain’. So, I am sure not a single drop of blood will go in vain and the terrorists will pay heavily for their actions. However, it is even more important to get Narendra Modi to get back power rather than an immediate retaliation.

Remember, if not Modi, who else has the guts to take revenge?
RIP Martyrs!

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