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Modi budget 2019- Gastronomic delight to poor, gastritis to dynastic politics

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The budget of Narendra Modi govt. for 2019-2020 has come as gastronomic delight to all poor people in India. A very responsible budget with several balanced measures for farmers and unorganized working class, it has been introduced for the first time in India. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also has shown absolute economic maturity and prudence to manage the fiscal deficit. The poor people, farmers, middle income group, unorganized workers…… all sections of people living with bare minimum income are well taken care of by the budget. In a sense, this govt. has fulfilled the mission of sab ka sath sab ka vikas.

People of India are searching millions of ways and means to express their sincere gratitude to PM Modi for making India a great place to live, delivered corruption free governance for the first time since independence, focused predominantly on development and for sab ka vikas.

The exemplary governance of th Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rattled the foundation of the corrupt-dynastic political establishments and that is why all the corrupt, dynastic political parties want to defeat the BJP in order to establish the rule of corruption, lawless ness and nepotism in India.

Bhishma, after Mahabharata war, was lying on bed of arrows waiting for Uttarayana to come to liberate himself from the world. Yudishitira, the eldest Pandava brother and the king to get crowned went to Bhishma and asked the following doubts such as who can offer real refuge to all in the world, who is the greatest lord of the world, whom should be eulogised for prosperity and what is the greatest dharma.

To the above questions, Bhishma gave his reply through the following shloka

“kimekam daivatam loke kim vāpyekam parāyaṇam
stuvantaḥ kam kamarcantaḥ prāpnuyurmānavāḥ śubham
ko dharmaḥ sarva dharmāṇām bhavataḥ paramo mataḥ
kim japan mucyate jantuḥ janmasamsārabandhanāt
” – Vishnu Sahasranama

According to Bhisma, that Lord Vishnu is the ultimate refuge of the world, protector and saviour and therefore people must worship Lord Vishnu.  From the days of Mahabharat to today, nothing much has changed in real sense.

Since independence India is being ruled sorry ruined by congress party and has done little to poor people, farmers and unorganized workers. Similarly in health care sector, congress has done nothing but mere lip service to poor people. But PM Modi has transformed India.

In the present budget of 2019-2020 has ensured sab ka vikas and addressed agrarian crisis, concerns of poor people and also ensured the middle income people tax exemption.

Many people have the doubt that who should be voted to power in 2019. The question people rise because they want to know who would really foster development of India and ensure governance free of corruption. The answer is simple, Narendra Modi led BJP alone can save India.

The Tukde Tukde gangs are rallying together to form a government of instability, corruption and nepotism just to promote the dynastic politics. All those Tukde Tukde gangs are wondering why PM Modi has announced all those benefits only now just months before election and not in the past. The question is quite valid and therefore need a valid answer. He is not a person who promise and then forget. PM Modi will promise only what he can do.

PM Modi was focusing on improving the Indian economy since 2014 and was balancing the fiscal deficit. Once he gained confidence he is doing the right thing for the poor people, farmers and unorganized working class.

Narendra Modi is not a politician who works for power and money but work tirelessly to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas. He in a true sense is an avatar, born in poor family with humble beginning to save India from the divisive and destructive politics of dynastic culture, corruption and nepotism.

2019 election is not just an election where different political parties are going to compete to come to power. 2019 election is between truth verus lies, merit versus dynasty and finally an honest PM versus corrupt Netas.

India need development and sab ka vikas and India needs Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister in 2019 and beyond. Need of the hour is unconditional love and sense of responsibility for India to elect Narendra Modi led BJP again with massive majority.

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