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Budget 2019

Union Budget 2019

From connectivity to women's role in economy to boosting of startups, the Union Budget presented Government's 360 degree view.

Analyzing Union Interim Budget from agricultural point of view

The Interim budget 2019-2020 presented by interim Finance minister Piyush Goyal is a logical successor to previous four budgets presented by Arun Jaitely as far as the thrust on agriculture is concerned.

Modi budget 2019- Gastronomic delight to poor, gastritis to dynastic politics

Along with a very responsible budget with several balanced measures for farmers and unorganized working class, the govt also has shown absolute economic maturity and prudence to manage the fiscal deficit.

Despite the negativity of opposition, the perfect budget makes it way into the hearts of people and emerges as a winner

Narendra Modi once said in one of his Parliament speeches that one could doubt anything about him but one shouldn’t ever doubt his political acumen. He was right.

मोदी फिर इस बार-400 के पार

जब बजट प्रावधानों पर सदन के अंदर और सदन के बाहर सवा सौ करोड़ लोग खुश हो-होकर तालियां बजा रहे थे, उसी समय राहुल गाँधी और मल्लिकार्जुन खड़गे अचानक ही इस तरह मुंह बनाकर बैठे हुए थे, मानो उन पर कोई जबरदस्त "डिप्रेशन" का दौरा पड़ा हो.

Budget 2019- Some proposals on personal Income Tax

Year after year, the middle classes have felt ignored in the Union Budget. This must be corrected by the Fin Minister in 2019, esp. it being an Election year.

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