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Hemendra Kishore Varma is an alumni of IIT, Kharagpur and IIM, Ahmedabad. Has close to 45 years of working experience of which the first 15 years were spent in the industry with Voltas G. Claridge, and finally with Jenson & Nicholson as GM – Manufacturing. In 1987, started his management consultancy activities in the areas of Operations Management, MIS and Organisation & Human Resources Development. Has a number of published articles in newspapers and journals like Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard, Indian Management, Indian Express, Management Review, Himmat, HRD Newsletter etc. Founded The 5S Institute in January 2005. This is India’s (and, indeed, the world’s) first institute dedicated to providing training and implementation assistance in 5S. Has conducted over 50 Certification Programmes and there are close to 1100 Certified 5S Practitioners in India, today.

An open letter to all Chief Ministers of India to support Central Government’s decision about further Lockdown, in case of need

State Governments must not try to pressurize the Central Government for a premature lifting of the LockDown, for economic reasons, which can have tragic consequences.

Priorities for the new Shivraj Singh Chouhan government in Madhya Pradesh -A citizen’s viewpoint

It will be a major challenge for Shivraj Singh to not only get back to power but to stay on in power as his continuance is dependent on the results of the 24 bye-elections that will have to be filled within the next 6 months to full the Assembly vacancies caused by the 22 resignations and 2 earlier vacancies.

Narendra Modi – India’s unheralded agent of social change

PM Modi has initiated and seen through some of the most important and beneficial changes for Indian Society.

A Plea to ensure smooth and full time-period functioning of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

A common man's plea for a smooth functioning of the Parliament. Parliament disruption has costed only tax-payers.

Budget 2019- Some proposals on personal Income Tax

Year after year, the middle classes have felt ignored in the Union Budget. This must be corrected by the Fin Minister in 2019, esp. it being an Election year.

Dear Arun Jaitley, just take this one step to make the salaried class happy

Disappointment among salaried class needs to be tackled with

Letter to the PM of India: Suggestion number-03

Suggestion to Prime Minister lessen the bureaucratic work and ease countryman's life.

From a 5 day week to a 5 hour day: A proposal for the working women in India

For balancing HER professional and personal life and true woman empowerment.

Suggestion to the Prime Minister which can result in huge savings for the country

This suggestion was made in a letter to the Prime Minister

Moving towards a “LESS CASH” Economy, even if a “CASH-LESS” economy is not fully attainable

The important aspect of demonetization which we should not neglect

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