Letter to the PM of India: Suggestion number-03

Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister

Government of India
152, South Block,  Raisina Hill
New Delhi  110001
October  10,  2017

Dear Sir,

Suggestion No  03

This is further to my last communication of  September  5, 2017.  Herewith, my third suggestion to you.

  1. a) Kindly advise all colleges/universities not to insist for a Police Complaint Report when a request is received for issuance of a Duplicate Degree Certificate or Mark sheet, because of “Loss/Theft” of the Original.”
  2. b) In the same spirit, kindly advise all Banks and Credit Card Issuers, not to insist for a Police Complaint Report when a request is received for issuance of a new Credit Card because of “Loss/Theft” of the Original.

RATIONALE for the above suggestion

  1. The Police NEVER investigate such complaint. The reports are  routinely filed which hardly anyone looks at or enquires about. Nor is it ever reported or published as an important crime statistic.
  1. This adds an unnecessary layer of bureaucratic action that has no purpose or meaning. It merely creates useless additional work for the Police Department and a pointless irritant to the common citizen of making a trip to the Police Station for no purpose at all.
  1. What would happen if such a report were not filed– NOTHING.  Nothing happens when they are filed and nothing would happen if they are not filed.
  1. Can there be any misuse or damage to government or society or the individual if such a report is not filed? No, not at all.

Let us suppose that a Loss/Theft Report is not filed for a missing degree certificate and the duplicate gets issued. Let us further suppose that original document is subsequently found or recovered by the individual.

What would happen now? Precisely  nothing. Just by having 2 copies of the “same degree” no one can get any extra or undeserved benefit.

The same argument applies identically, in case of a Lost Credit Card – in fact the lost credit card is immediately voided and hence any chance of misuse is non- existent.

Kind regards.
(Hemendra K. Varma)

Encl: a/a
cc: Shri Nripendra Mishra,  Principal Secretary to PM
Shri Pradeep Kumar Sinha,  Cabinet Secretary
Shri Rajnath Singh, Home Minister
Shri Prakash Javadekar, Minister for HRD
Dr. Jitendra Singh, MoS, Prime Minister’s Office

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