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Engagement with Taliban- A need or a compulsion?

India's stand on Taliban needs to be reconsidered given the dynamic changes in International arena.

Imbecility: Property of a pseudo-liberal millennial

Pseudo-liberal millennials who think they know everything but just fail to understand the basic requirement to be a liberal- ‘Brain’.

An idea to effectively monitor the Income tax returns of assessees

A Chartered Accountancy final level student has some ideas for the Prime Minister.

प्रिय राहुल, मैं मानसरोवर…

एक बार नंदी को मैंने कहा कि जाकर तुम्हें ले आए, तैयार भी हो गया।

An Open Letter to Papon defenders, will you still blindly support him?

I feel disgusted with the way you people are supporting him despite having seen the full video footage..

False equivalences by likes of Tufail Ahmad – how it is unfair to Hinduism

Open letter to Tufail Ahmad, who had tweeted "All religions are false. All gods are false."

Letter to the PM of India: Suggestion number-03

Suggestion to Prime Minister lessen the bureaucratic work and ease countryman's life.

An open letter to Ravish Kumar by his viewer

This letter is specifically explore the possibility of an interview between our PM Modi and Ravish Kumar.

An open letter to the CEO of Snapchat

A poor Indian's take on Snapchat CEO's "filtered" views.

An open letter from a liberal Hindu to elite class English intellectuals

Our Non-dualism philosophy of Shankaracharya says: “God is consciousness or energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed, it is in everything.” God is not someone sitting in the sky and guiding everyone like a Boss.

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