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An Open Letter to Papon defenders, will you still blindly support him?

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Dear Papon Supporters,

Anger. The one emotion which has possessed me since the news came of a singer forcefully kissing a minor girl on the lips. The anger grew and grew as certain colleagues of the singer came in support of him.

The person you are defending, might be a good singer who has won a lot of awards, and who has been “seen as a good-hearted person”, but let me tell you one thing. This does not mean that he is innocent in this case and certainly does not mean that he escapes punishment from the law.

I feel disgusted with the way you people are supporting him despite having seen the full video footage. Let me remind you of the key details of the video which makes me angry, and shocked with the way you people are blindly defending him.

  • Just before he forced himself on the minor girl, he was seen to be pinching the cheeks of another young girl, who was also not liking what he was doing.
  • Right after that he forcefully pointed a gun like gesture to the girl’s cheeks and rubbed her face continuously for at least 5 seconds. Now where is the fatherly love and affection in this, which some of his supporters and his lawyer is claiming? This is an act of sexual harassment towards a minor.
  • He then, put both of his hand on the girls face and forcefully kissed her on the lips. Right after that shameful act, the video person who was filming the live video goes on to say “yeh kya ho raha hai” (what is going on). To which Papon, looking in a drunk state replies “music music”. Which sane person reacts like that? He then tells the video guy if he is still filming the live video and asks him to shut down the video with a cut in the throat gesture! Now which innocent person or in fact a father does that to his daughter? If he is innocent then why did he react like that? In which world do you see a father pointing gun gesture on his daughter’s cheeks and forcefully rub colour on her cheeks for 5 seconds?

The fact that his reaction was such that he didn’t know that the live video is still on, tells the whole story. He thought that the live video was off and hence decided to force himself on a minor girl. Doesn’t that clearly show his intentions were bad? So, I ask the Papon defenders, what if the video was not live, would he have done much more than he shamefully did?

What’s more shocking is the difference of statements that his lawyer and Papon himself gave. In twitter Papon posted his statement which one of the lines said “I may have done it spontaneously” and then goes on to support an argument of “faulty camera angles” which in itself is hypocrisy right there. What does he mean by he “may” have done it spontaneously?

The lawyer of Papon goes on to say that “he was just showing affection”, which means he has admitted that his client did kiss the minor on the lips and he portrayed it as a “affection”. Why are there two different statements, in which the lawyer is admitting kissing and the offender is denying kissing and saying faulty camera angles? Now all the Papon defenders, would you still defend him?

Another question which begs to be answered is why was there no female staff in the van to look after the kids? Why was it only male staff? These questions need to be asked and also need to be taken care of in future, so that not another Papon will come and molest kids like that!

The channel chairman Subhash Chandra has lead by example and banned Papon from his channel forever. We need more people like Subhash Chandra. The contestants might have come in support of Papon under the impression of him being nice to them before, but who remembers Gurmeet Ram Rahim? He was caught in a similar case and his supporters defended him because they thought he can never do anything wrong, but what was the verdict?

I don’t care if he was seen as a good person before this incident took place, I don’t care if he is a celebrity who has won awards. All I care is that in this horrific incident, he deserves a heavy punishment and you, the Papon defenders need to think, what if your daughter was in place of the minor girl? Would you still blindly defend him? Even after this if you keep defending him, then you are part of his crime and really spineless and heartless people! He needs to be punished and be reminded that no matter which position you are in, you can never ever take advantage of kids and force yourself upon them and then get away with it!

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