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An open letter to Ravish Kumar by his viewer

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I just want to uplift the deprived class of our society by trying to change the way our democracy's system works

This letter is not about defaming NDTV and it’s journalist as only courts can declare a person/company fraud as our Constitution has vested power in them.

This letter is specifically explore the possibility of an interview between our PM and Ravish, since Ravish has indirectly called out PM Modi to give accountability to him only as all others are ‘Godi Media’, even neutral channels like Aajtak and ABP (although Z news is Govt’s favourite for sure).

I support Ravish in his indirect demand of fixing accountability of PM Modi by asking tough questions to him directly, which certainly makes our Ddemocracy more vibrant and free.

Now we should know how PMO selects  PM’s one on one interviews. There are some conditions, which are genuine enough like:

1) The journalist taking interview should have pan Indian viewership cutting across all sections of our country.

2) He shouldn’t have ideological activism otherwise he will ask more questions which are his ideologically driven.

3) He should be aware of all the arguments (for and against) the questions, that he will ask the PM.

4) He and his channel’s viewership should be high enough, at least figure in Top 3 ratings by NBA.

5) He shouldn’t have any hatred towards PM otherwise he will ask biased questions.

I’m not saying that till now PM Modi has given interviews to only those journalist that have fulfilled all of these points but certainly they have fulfilled majority of the points that I have mentioned.

Ravish ji, you are an honest journalist for sure (doesn’t need any certificate from anyone certainly not mine). Whenever  I want to know the weak points of this Govt, I watch you and your channel’s debate to know more about them. But I have to filter out your ideological positions from the news (which is difficult for others).

Since this Govt has come to power, there are some media channels who are cheer leading this Govt for favours, but to counter that narrative one shouldn’t become an activist instead of a neutral journalist, who will only show things that are bad/critical on part of this Govt but chooses to silent on other state Govts ruled by different parties leaning to your view of India.

Since your channel’s ideological leanings are mixed with news, you and your channel have quickly narrowed your channel’s viewer ship, most of the people in North India specially, don’t watch your channel because of this specific reason.

If you have soft heart for Maoist students/professors, homegrown terrorist of Kashmir and you label them as Bhagat Singh and Freedom fighter of Kashmir then how are you different from VHP/Mahasabha, which has soft heart for cow vigilantes.

Not many viewers are like me, Ravish ji, who will ignore the open bias of your NDTV anchors (all of them).

Coming to your channel’s credibility which is vague thus different from yours, almost all Luyten media knows that your channel has a strong connection with the previous establishment (both ideologically and financially), so if any Govt agency investigates that charge and present it to courts is a good move that you should welcome as you were always an advocate for an investigation. If the NDTV group hadn’t done any wrong; it will come clear out of it like all honest people has come clean.

All of you (NDTV anchors) hate Z news so much. But you guys are just so similar (apart from 1 or 2 anchors from both side) in and your ideological leanings.

NDTV is like (not may be you, as you are the sole NDTV anchor who had criticized Congress heavily during their rule) “Bagho mein bahar thi jab tak Congress ki Sarkar thi”.

You would have supported the investigation, had your perceived ideological notions not affected your judgement but that’s the irony we have in this country that one of our finest Hindi anchors is always let down because of his colleagues, friend circle.

You are a celebrated anchor among so called Vampanthi, they worship you as a Media/Free speech God who takes on heavily on this so called right wing Govt by mixing their ideological feelings with the news.

Unfortunately this demography is only 0.02% in UP, more in Delhi but very less in whole North India, Hindi belt of our country, thus why on the earth any PM will give an interview to a journalist, who has this narrow base and have a certain degree of preconceived bias towards him.

Start showing bad things of all Govt’s in the country and shun any type of ideological leaning. Modi or Yogi or Shivraj etc all will come to your doorstep to give their interviews and will face the music of tough questions on Governance as you will find public backing you in fixing accountability of them.

This is my take on the ambiguity you and your channel faces, hope you will not mind if I have crossed any line in my freedom of speech, this is also not an advice for you as you are too mature and experienced for that. This is simply my humble opinion.

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I just want to uplift the deprived class of our society by trying to change the way our democracy's system works
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