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Budget for Middle class

Explained: Why govt is not concerned about rising fuel prices in India

In recent Union budget of 2020-21 everyone expected Central Government would impose tax on Middle Class to generate revenue but it turns out that Government didn't impose tax. As of now Government is in need for Money and that money is now being generated from tax on Petrol and Diesel.

What Budget 2020-21 means to common citizen

If the heavy economic/financial jargon is set apart, in very simplistic terms the Budget 2020-21 presented by Union Finance Minister, Smt Nirmala Sitaraman in the parliament, was a liberal one.

NYAY recalls our disastrous romance with socialism

The Pakoda stall concept of mini business model example given by the PM, to boost self employment through small and mini enterprises becomes very relevant and meaningful than NYAY which seeks to tackle poverty through legislation.

Modi budget 2019- Gastronomic delight to poor, gastritis to dynastic politics

Along with a very responsible budget with several balanced measures for farmers and unorganized working class, the govt also has shown absolute economic maturity and prudence to manage the fiscal deficit.

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