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Let us applaud the steps taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end corruption in India and know why dynast and regional parties chant anti-Modi slogan

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Only an impartial analysis of various initiatives taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end corruption in India, people can understand the truth that how India has been transformed by Modi regime and how the same India was during UPA 1 and 2.

Certainly the above truth also would reveal the underlying reasons for the mass hatred of many dynastic and regional political parties against PM Modi. As soon as Narendra Modi came to power, he initiated the vision of digital India and direct cash transfer to the accounts of the beneficiaries without passing through the middlemen or broker.

The second dynast of the congress party, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 said that every 1 rupee allotted by the government to poor people, only 5 paisa reached the beneficiary and the rest were getting divided among the middlemen, predominantly the government employees at various levels. To ensure the money allotted to the poor reaches them directly, PM Modi opened about 1.5 crore bank accounts for poor and marginal people.

The cooking gas subsidy to the tune of Rs. 33 crore has been directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries without any spillage of money to middleman. Under the 100 day job scheme Rs. 30,000 crore has been transferred directly to the account of the beneficiaries. Under old age pension and NSP scheme, Rs.5000 crore has been directly transferred to the account of the beneficiaries. Under PMAY housing scheme for urban poor, Rs. 37,000 crore has been transferred directly into the account of poor people.  Under PDS scheme Rs. 27,000 has been transferred directly into the account of the beneficiaries without any spillage to the middleman.

Before Narendra Modi took over the power, there was only 28 schemes were there based on direct transfer which he extended to 364 schemes and many more are in the pipeline. Most of the middlemen who were looting 95 paisa of every one rupee allotted to poor people as stated by Rajiv Gandhi, were agents of various political parties, Councillors, workers of various regional parties etc.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi literally starved all those Leeches who were sucking the resources allotted for poor people, to death. Most of the regional parties and dynastic politicians are spreading hatred and negativity against PM Modi because according to them he has literally autoclaved them to death from being middlemen to suck the money allotted to poor people under various Government schemes.

In governance, PM Narendra Modi made several steps to prevent corruption at high place. The corrupt people often slash the bribe money either in bank account or in land/house or in gold or buying shares.

Narendra Modi linked all bank accounts with PAN and Aadhar and made sure that any transaction above 2 lakh must be only through bank and not by cash. Therefore any land registration or house or purchase of Gold or company shares, Aadhar and PAN are necessary and that would warrant the Government servants to declare the source of income.

Since the aadhar of the entire family is linked, even the investments made in the name of the immediate blood relatives also can be traced easily. Similarly the black money cannot be either taken out of India or the black money that is already slashed in foreign land cannot be brought back to India without the knowledge of the government.

The only option left for the corrupt politicians and big guns in government service is to engage Benami which is again difficult due to the Benami Transaction (Prohibition) act.

PM Modi has taken measures at 360 degree to attenuate and impotent all the corrupt people from engaging in corrupt practices. The syndicate of corrupts are extremely worried and are angry with PM Modi, as he has made them jobless. They fear that if PM Modi continues in power for another term, all those corrupt people may become poor due to no earning through bribe and scam.

The reason why many regional parties are angry and restless and are joining together to prevent Narendra Modi coming back to power at any cost has definite personal reasons. Therefore they are spreading hatred and negativity, spreading lies, calling Narendra Modi Hindu fanatic, anti- Muslim etc., to re-instate their corrupt-dynastic rule.

People of India, especially the first time voters and youths must think of their future and the fate of India. If the regional forces and dynastic parties are brought back to power, India will be doomed and mostly the first time voters and younger generation will the big looser. Therefore it the collective responsibility of everyone to re-elect Narendra Modi with absolute majority so that he will have free hand to develop India, end corruption and achieve sab ka vikas.

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