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I am going to vote first time in my 51 years this time, here is why

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I shall be a first time voter at the age of 51, in 2019.

Never voted before because by the time I became eligible to vote I had seen the dirtiest of Indian Politics, right from Nepotism, Appeasement Politics, Corruption in every echelon of Government machinery, Paid Media, to callous attitude of politicians towards the country which they ruled with such misplaced sense of entitlement as if the country was their kingdom. Congress to me, epitomized all what was wrong with this Nation and BJP, with it’s aggressive Hindutva Stand was an alien notion to me (being a third generation in the Army) not in tune with the times and aspirations of the people. Besides, because of being in Power for so many years Congress eco-system was so powerful that no opposition Party could ever withstand it’s onslaught. History is witness to how the nation was destabilized every time there was a Non-Congress Party in Power. So, for me Voting was a futile exercise.

And then in 2014 Mr Modi came to power. Everybody who was somebody in the previous system, started a narrative of Democracy being in danger and rise of intolerance. I too held my breath fearing minority genocide and promulgation of draconian Laws which would strip me of my Liberty and Rights. I waited for full 4 years but that did not happen. Instead, I heard stories of empowerment, be it distribution of LPG to ladies in villages irrespective of religion and caste or construction of toilets under Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, whether it was Financial Inclusiveness and electrification in remote areas or empowerment through Digital India. There was a positive change happening on the ground Level.

However, despite these positives, all I heard on MSM was about non- performance of Modi Govt. It was as if he was to miraculously rid India of all the evils in these 5 years, which had been eating India since ages. I mean, it is not as if he has been the worst PM of India till date. But the way he was being projected by media and opposition, it looked like it.

On closer look, I found that the whole corrupt Eco-System was so consumed by hatred for this one man that they were simply manufacturing lies, fake news, spreading hatred and uniting with their opponents only with a common cause to bring this one person down. The white lies of Rafale and hacked EVM being forced down the throat of gullible citizens as scam, since they could find none in the present dispensation. Never before, the system went so all out in it’s efforts to discredit an individual, like in the present .

I then realized, that it was so because they were being challenged and their existence was in danger. This one man was a threat to this Corrupt System. If his credibility is not destroyed now, he shall destroy them forever. If he wins again, they lose forever. And it was at this moment that I decided to get myself on the voters List.

Yes I shall Vote for Mr Modi in 2019!

Is he without Flaws…No….he has his share of faults but none that tantamount to harming the nation….. Has he fulfilled all his Election promises….No…but I believe he means to keep them and he requires more time for that. Yes, I shall vote for him for the simple things which makes him stand tall among his peers.

1. He Rose to this position simply on his merit. He has a vision for this Country and has the capability of transforming that vision into realty.
2. He has worked hard to transform India, be it Sanitation, rural electrification, Housing, Health Services, Financial Inclusion, Banking Sector or subsidies for poor reaching it’s rightful claimant. One can see the difference brought about by these schemes on the grass root levels.
3. His efforts are being appreciated internationally by the Global leaders and leading international institutions
4. Despite being CM for 3 terms and this one term as PM, not a single charge of corruption sticks to him, which is really a huge credit to a politician.
5. He has given respectability to the Chair and earned respect for the India internationally.

What if he doesn’t come back as a PM-

1. The system, which ensured such disparity of wealth in our country that some Indians became rich beyond imagination but India as a country remained poor, will win.
2. You will have an unstable coalition Government and one of these will be your PM… Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, or Mamta Banerjee.
3. All the big Sub-judice corruption cases and scams, will be put in a cold storage. The old eco-system will again be back with vengeance.
4. The Dynasty culture will rule the roost , with its roots going deeper and Merit will have no say in the Politics. Just check the list of MP’s from all the Parties. Except BJP, TNC and some Left parties, rest all have Hereditary MP’s in Majority. INC of course leads the way.
5. All the projects crediting Modi MAY be stalled even if they are good for Nation. We have already seen how Aayushman Bahrat was withdrawn from a few states and how projects approved by BJP have been stalled by the states ruled by Non BJP Government.
6. Naxal & Terrorist activities across India will rise up again and so will the Fake NGO’s funding these activities.
7. And it will not be Nation first. It will be Family First.

My request to NOTA brigade. Vote for Modi this one time. By giving Modi another chance, there may still be a chance of India changing for good but if opposition comes to power, looking at the profile of leaders, that chance too will be lost. Let us not live to regret that there was once a chance to get a Man who cared for the nation to Power, but it was lost because we did not vote.

My request to all Congress Party supporters. Please keep nation above your party loyalty, vote for Modi this one time and free your Party from the shackles of slavery. By not supporting the The dynasty and it’s courtiers , you shall pave way for ordinary and competent party persons rising to helm based purely on merit. Unshackle and Bring back the Glory of the oldest party, by making it a Party of deserving people who would think of the Nation First and Not the Family first.

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