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Has Periyar caused comparative psychosis in TN than competitiveness?

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A careful decoding of various speeches of EV Ramasamy Naicker (EVR), one can easily delayer the sense that EVR may be inadvertently or may be with a purpose has created comparative psychosis among people than empower them with confidence, feeling of pride and positive vision. EVR was constantly tutoring people as they belong to Sudra, children of Dasi etc. As it appears, due to some reason he was so obsessed with the above views and believed the same till his last breath.

Hindu tradition or Vedas and Upnishad never refer to any caste system but only classification that can be seen is based on occupation people were engaged at during ancient days. Further Vedas or Upanishad has never stated Brahmins are superior over the rest. In fact Kshatriyas were the ruling community then and therefore Kshatriyas were the most powerful community. Further most of the Hindu scriptures were written by the sages like Valmiki, Vyasa were not Brahmins by birth. So are Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

Unfortunately EVR constantly whipped his listeners and followers by saying they belong to Sudra, children of Dasi etc., and to substantiate his obsession and hatred, he always used to abuse God, Hindu culture and Brahmins. Knowingly or unknowingly, EVR has programmed hatred, negativism, inferiority complex and aversion towards self and towards Hinduism, God and Brahmins. Through comparison and wrong understanding, EVR has destroyed the mind of people and implanted comparative psychosis instead of inculcating competitiveness.

If EVR has read the popular epic of Hinduism such as Ramayana or Mahabharat, he would have engaged in better discourse with people than what he was doing and the state would have been the best place to live than what it is today.

The message conveyed by Ramayana is self-discipline, obedience, duty, respect etc. Even when Lord Ram has to kill Vali through a veiled attack, it was duly explained. Similarly Lord Ram after destroying Ravan and other demons gave salvation to them and punishment. Throughout Ramayana, only positivism and fulfillment are shared and not hatred and negativism. Even during war, Rama did not attack Ravan in the battlefield when Ravan lost his weapons.

In Mahabharat too, only Dharma is heightened and not Adharma. Even when one reads Mahabharat, hatred towards Duryadhana or Dushasana will not emerge profoundly because the Mahabharat was written not to infuse hatred or divide people but teach about Dharma.

Sadly EVR appears to have understood the essence of Hinduism wrongly and due to his half-beaked understanding filled with ignorance, prejudice and personal reasons, in the entire state he infused hatred and inferiority complex.

Discrimination is not strictly limited to caste reasons but even the financial status of people also cause discrimination where the landlords are known to discriminate the peasant. Discrimination between intelligent and imbecile is quite common, between different communities, between different hierarchies in big corporate etc.

Instead of empowering people, people were encouraged to move away from Hindu culture, God and hate Brahmins were the prescriptions EVR followed. EVR in fact created a new caste called anti-brahmin, Anti-God, Anti-Hindu versus the rest. He cleverly hired the wisdom of Caldwell and renamed the entire Tamil race as Dravidian race and repeatedly told in public space to make it true. To distract people from knowing anything about the sacred Tamil culture, literature and tradition, he abused the language, all sacred works of Hindu culture written in Tamil language.  Perhaps EVR would have felt that people of Tamil Nadu must be separated at emotional level from rest of India and hence he would have hard-sold the lie called Dravidian identity over Tamil people and made them think and feel they are different from rest of India.

People of Tamil Nadu must ask whether they wants to continue to be the prisoners of Dravidian myth or wants to integrate with the larger truth called Hindu culture and the ethos of one India.  Unnecessary identity creation, isolation within the identity and asking for freedom and autonomy to self-govern are dangerous trends which might destroy the state in toto than pave way for any progress.

Only if Dravidian brand politics is eliminated, a New Tamil Nadu can be built and the agenda of development and sab ka vikas can be achieved. The present government is doing its best to fulfill the dreams of Amma to make the state prosperous which should not be destroyed by re-electing EVR philosophy of hatred and negativism.

Moral values, ethical, moral and logical generality are necessary for humanity to prosper, successful and happy. Today the people of the state are coming back to the Bhakti era of Tamil Nadu and hope that they would never support the dynastic politics which wants to re-sow the seeds of EVR brand of negativism, hatred, anti-God, Anti-Hindu politics again in Tamil Nadu.

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