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EV Ramasamy Naicker – A paranoid anti-Brahmin or suppository of British divide and rule ethos

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Was EV Ramasamy Naicker (EVR) a determined crusader of social justice or a prejudiced, highly biased propagandist against Brahmins, God, Hindus, needs deeper analysis and debate. If we carefully analyse most of the speeches of EVR; we can easily arrive at the conclusion that he was mostly injecting negativism and hatred than positive energy or showing sincere efforts to uplift the downtrodden. On the one side, he was abusive about Brahmins and on the other side he even equally abused and repeatedly asserted to people that they are Sudras, children of Dasi etc.

Further EVR also criticized Tamil language, Tamil literature and why, why even Tiruvalluvar. On the contrary he showed his fathomless love for English and imperial rulers.

From the psycho-dynamic analysis of EVR’s political mission, we have to suspect two possibilities;

  1. EVR wants to execute the agenda of the imperial rulers consciously i.e. divide and rule (divide Hindus from Muslims, then divide Hindus based on castes)
  2. EVR had inadvertently fallen victim to British ploy

Whatever be the truth, EVR did not benefit greatly from Imperial rulers which in real sense did much good for India and the state of Tamil Nadu.

Disgracefully, EVR in fact wanted British rule in India to continue and was against independence of India. Further he declared August 14, 1947 as ‘mourning’ day as according to him, Dravidians would be thereon be ruled by North Indians and Aryans. EVR even wanted Tamil Nadu to be ruled by British from London than by India. Time has come, Indians must impartially analyse what could have been the real motives of EVR to support British and abuse and hate Brahmins and North Indians.

From the pre-historic times Brahmins as a community gave importance to education. In Mahabharat, the teacher of Kauravas and Pandas was a Brahmin– Dronacharya. Brahmins were mostly engaged in performing poojas in temples, penance and divine discourse etc. Due to the inborn flair for education and the community having large number of educated people, the British rulers predominantly engaged Brahmins in their government and as a result, the representation of Brahmins in British Raj was quite high. Such representation has nothing to do with suppressible dominance or caste prejudice of Brahmins but it was a natural process.

But EVR appears to have adopted a different formula to alienate and isolate all educated think-tank group from the society, brand them as different race, call them as Aryans and convince the society that Brahmins are not Tamil people. Further EVR also wanted independent Dravidastan which is separate from North India. Had the sinister desire of EVR happened it would have been a disaster to Tamil Nadu economy.

Fortunately none of the southern states such as Andhara Pradesh (presently divided into two states), Kerala and Karnataka showed any enthusiasm or interest with EVR ideology which really blunt the separatist weapon of EVR. Include and progress was not the philosophy of EVR but he believed in exclude and eliminate and that is why when all the other southern states when refused to join his mission of Dravidastan, he abused all of them and instigated hatred against people of those states through his speeches.

He wants to abolish caste system but was reminding people that they belong to Sudra origin repeatedly and did nothing to call all Dravidian as single community.   As soon as DMK came to power, EVR if wants could have ensured to make Tamil Nadu the first caste free state by declaring all Dravidians belong to single community, no reservation shall be done based on caste but it would be based on economic considerations only. But neither EVR nor DMK ever did the same.  When Brahmins were excluded as Aryans, what was the difficulty for DMK to declare entire Dravidian community as single caste.

It looks like EVR was acting like an instrument in the hands of British rulers, interested only in creating unrest in the society, wants to divide South India from North and if not, at least Tamil Nadu. This was the original design of Bishop Caldwell. The British rulers realized that as long as Brahmins were dominant, Hindu worship system and the ethos of Hinduism will exist in Indian society. To convert people to Christianity, the Brahmin community has to be isolated and excluded and the society must be divided as Dravidian and Aryan so that once the Dravidian are edited genetically to hate Brahmins and Hinduism, it is easy to convert people into Christianity.

It looks like EVR took avatar to execute the ploy and design of Caldwell and British rulers. The way EVR abused Tamil language, culture and literature including Tiruvalluvar has to be seen as the part of such greater design.

Thankfully people of Tamil Nadu are coming back to Bhakti era, become staunch believers of God and rituals, temple worship has increased significantly and this shows the days of Dravidianism (anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin politics) is on retreat and the agenda of development and sab ka vikas of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to blossom like the party symbol Lotus. Hope Tamil Nadu will march towards development guided by the Narendra Modi along with the rule of Amma.

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