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Why Hinduism is necessary for India – Learn from the story of kite without thread

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The culture and tradition of India has always perfected the art of messaging mostly through several moral stories. Panchathantra stories are one such example. When PM Narendra Modi works towards building new India and sab ka vikas to ensure Indian develops harmoniously and holistically, many dynastic political parties are making fun of the Prime Minister because none of them ever want India to develop and strengthen or regain the cultural identity of India– Hinduism in order to unite India as one nation, one election and one tax. The opposition parties know only divisive politics and politics of minority appeasement and not development or sab ka vikas.

Indians must read the moral story of kite without thread. A son and his father in a small village were flying kite in a playground and were enjoying. The son was so happy to see the kite flying higher whenever he releases the thread and pull it to different directions. Suddenly the son asked the father whether he can cut the thread and free the kite so that the kite would fly high and the kite is not limited by the thread. With smile, the father approved the idea of the son and the son cut the thread. For a moment the kite went up a little and then fell down to the ground.  The son was so shocked and asked the father why the kite fell down when it was freed instead of going up in the sky? The father explained beautifully that the thread was in fact helping the kite to stay high and balance itself according to the power and direction of the wind and the thread was not preventing the kite from going high. When the thread was cut, the kite could not balance and hence fell down.

In India, the Hinduism is in fact acting like a thread helping everyone to fly high, balance and enjoy the freedom at zenith. The Hinduism is the one that balances the diversity of India like how the rotation and revolution of earth that keeps the weather change.  But many dynastic politicians are abusing Hinduism and in different parts of India some dynasts are displaying themselves as Shiva Bhakta, Brahmin, suddenly revealing their Gotra, proving to be the cow saviour etc.

The neo liberals and the dynast are opposing the agenda of promoting Hindu cultural identity of India for harmony and peace as most barbaric and obscurant idea. Further the neo-reformists and neo-liberals argue that Hindu culture and tradition only impede human progress. But in reality, Hinduism alone can help Indian fly high like how the thread alone helps the kite to balance in the sky. If we cut thread, the kite instead of flying high would only fall down and similarly India would crumble down when people disrespect and devalue Hindu culture.

Most of the nations like US, UK etc., although follow democracy and secularism are predominantly Christian countries. Similarly the Arab countries identify itself only as Islamic nation. In India, diversity of religious belief systems exists only because of Hinduism and Hindu culture. Every Indian irrespective of their different religious affinities must work towards strengthening Hindu culture, the identity and soul of our nation.

By abusing our sacred culture that unites the diversity and assures unity will never lead us anywhere. Hinduism is essential to ensure peace and harmony of minority community than Hindus because Hinduism and Hindu culture are very tolerant, benevolent and believes in inclusiveness. Those dynasts who oppose PM Modi want to divide India on caste and religious line so that they can profit from such division. India should not allow the dynasts and neo Brahmin to win and India needs a strong and decisive leader to develop our nation and achieve sab ka vikas through our national identity– Hinduism.

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