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People should know the wicked ploy of Iago in 2019

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The play of Shakespeare’s Othello is happening in Indian politics. If we carefully analyse the players in Indian politics, we can easily correlate each one of them with the character of Iago in the play Othello and the character Iago would perfectly match with the character of the one who claimed to have born to become Prime Minister of India. The Iago in Indian politics is as jealous as the one in Othello but only difference is that the Iago in the play Othello was obsessed with Desdemona whereas the Iago in Indian politics claim his birth right over Prime Minister ship of India and that is why he hates and abuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Desdimona can be metaphorically equated to the position of Prime Minister of India. To reduce democracy to dynasty, the Iago in Indian politics is using Emilia (some bureaucrats and lobbies and urban Naxals) to play some dirty tricks like how Emilia was persuaded to steal the hand-kerchief of Desdimona by Iago to be kept in the room of Michael Cassia to misguide Othello to kill Desdimona. The role of Othello in the Indian context is played by people and therefore people must recognize the ploy of Iago in advance so that they can save India.

Iago in Indian politics is trying his best to destroy both Othello (people of India) and Desdimona due his jealous for Prime Minister Post which he lost to Narendra Modi. The Iago is manufacturing one lie after another like Rafale, in-fight in CBI, right of the government to question the policies of RBI etc., to misguide people of India.

People of India should clearly identify the Iago and his ploy in Indian politics to save India from corruption, nepotism and culture of dynasty.

No literary work has ever created a villain like Iago and similarly no politician in the world can ever match the Iago in Indian politics in manufacturing negativity, spreading lie and willingness to do anything to fulfill his obsession for the post of Prime Minister of India. Like Iago who was constantly plotting various methods and strategies to misguide Othello, the Iago in Indian politics is also doing everything to misguide people of India to grab power.

In the play Othello, the hero character Othello initially believed Iago and the result was tragedy and destruction. Had Othello not trusted and believed Iago so blindly, the play Othello would have ended as a very great happy drama than as tragedy.

Unfortunately no one was there to tell Othello about the evil mind of Iago but India has Narendra Modi to guide India to success and also to prove us how negative is the Iago in Indian politics.

The Iago became a villain of no comparison purely due to his obsession for Desdimona marrying Othello and the Iago in Indian politics also has the same obsession that he is alone entitled to rule India and it is his family’s right but Modi has become the Prime Minister of India by merit and peoples support. So the Iago in Indian politics wants to play one trick after another to destabilize the agenda of development and unification of India as one India with the glorious identity – Hindu Rashtra.

People of India must see how the state has developed since 2014 and how was India before. Modi has brought great reform in several frontiers of governance, brought poor and marginal people to the mainstream, provided cocking gas connection to the millions of families and which outnumbers the record of 60 years of governance of the dynasty. Narendra Modi has integrated millions of poor people into banking system, knocked out the middle men eating the government schemes of poor people, provided sanitation and drinking water facility, ensured electrification in several villages, covered completely cashless, instantaneous health insurance scheme etc. Many more reforms have been initiated by PM Modi and it may take some more time to make the difference.

PM Narendra Modi has focused on all round development where people are inspired to dream New India, made responsible politically, culturally, emotionally, ethically and socially. Narendra Modi has brought value based politics not politics of sycophancy, corruption and nepotism. Better people recognize the negative ploy of Iago in Indian politics and lend their support for development and Sab ka vikas.

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