Letter from a sweeper to Mr. Kejriwal– Dated: 28 December, 2013

Mr. Kejriwal, first of all lots and lots of congratulations for your success. I am a sweeper in the CM office, I hold and believe in my “Jhaadu” (broomstick) long before you took it as your party symbol.

For years I have been giving votes for many leaders, I have seen lots of them come and go from the busy CM office but this time it’s different. I am glad with the turn of events took place. For the first time it seems as if I have voted myself to be a CM, as I look ‘me into you’ as all my friends, family and colleague do. Even I have listened many ‘sahabs’ here and outside praising your efforts and they say “ye hi ab kuch kar ke dikhayega”. Please note that majority of us have voted for you due to the same reason.

If I correlate with the latest Bollywood movie Dhoom 3’s angry dialogue written on the bank locker after robbery “bank walon tumhari aisi ki taisi”. You have actually delivered and written the well versed dialogue of a common man “Politics humara hakk hai, aur hum ghus ke politics karenge, politicians tumhari aisi ki taisi”. We waited for many years to slam these words on these khadi laden politicians. Many of these are I believe either pseudo intelligent or backed up by a long family-business of politics.

You somehow instigated us to come together, you know that’s a big deal. We, the people of India, are never together, its only war like situation that brings us together and yeah you did this by prompting a war against corruption. I personally have seen many people laugh and cry due to corruption, people, few of them who can afford a bag full of money come here in CM office and goes out laughing and plenty of others I have seen with a long dropped faces with gloomy eyes because they can’t afford what these “office wala babus” want.

People think we don’t know about the things happening here, I must tell you a secret, we “jhaadu wala” and “security wala” can make out everything going on here, who comes with what, to meet whom, why and goes out with what and whom. Though we don’t show it on our faces as it actually will not matter to these “bada people”. I am glad you chose “Jhaadu” as a symbol, I decided the day one to vote for you, as emotion matters for Indian people you know that.

Mr. Kejriwal, I have praised you a lot, now let me warn you, this is your first and the last chance. We can’t afford you twice or thrice, we are silly people, impatient. Our loyalties have been deviated from the corrupted parties and families but this may re-align very soon if you will not prove, what you have been voted for. Because you are one of us I think you understand, see I don’t want to be rude but let us be straight on this, a man to man talk. You are a civilian hero we raised you to that level because we want you to understand us and be with us throughout the time you are there on the elevated platform and inside CM office as well.

I don’t want to feel left out this time as I have felt several times before when during the elections these politicians will ask my name, hug me, give me samosas and chai and as the elections are over they will ignore me like a pig. You can call me and for that matter all of the people demanding like a wife, but yes it is like that. If you are ready to ever last this marriage of “people weds power” we are happy to bless it but if it doesn’t happen the way it is expected to, I am sorry but you will be a forgotten name, you know we are like this bear with us or forget us.

You are an intelligent man and I believe with all my heart that you are here to help us. We look up to you, Act-One of the play is over as we did what we could, to help you, to elevate you with both our hands. Now it’s your turn let’s call it Act-Two. Do enough to respect the trust we have confided in you.

As old and wise say “Power comes with responsibility”.

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