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Omank Naithani

- Works in Private Defence Sector, Interested in defence, politics, geopolitics, technology & PPP - Avid reader, who likes to write opinions freely. Views are my own

Letter from a sweeper to Mr. Kejriwal– Dated: 28 December, 2013

"I am a sweeper in the CM office, I hold and believe in my “Jhaadu” long before you took it as your party symbol", writes a sweeper who gets an immense empowerment whenever he looks at the party symbol.

Congress Party – An unsustainable idea in modern times

The stories of our parents' political choice are like going through a market behaviour during license raj – only one family is supposed to produce leaders and do marketing about it.

Rafale Saga – Is Rahul Gandhi playing a role of ‘vamp’ in it?

This article brings out all facts of Rafale deal with substantial proofs to make Indians aware and unmasking Rahul Gandhi's agenda to fool us.

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