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Jack Dorsey an ill-informed Gullible about Racism behind ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’ Placard

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The visit of CEO of micro-blogging giant and the controversy he creates.

I would not wonder things, and create a web of words: but jump straight to the point. Must admire the propensity of the left eco-system that has made a visit look so casual and in the end, propagate its agenda, that it is has been so desperately clinging on for so long – hatred for Hindus, especially Brahmins, or rather the whole religion?

Jack Dorsey lands in India and keenly, or rather desperately goes and land on the laps of strange looking contradictions – the ring masters of fakery and distorted narratives, the creators of false cases; and then meets several other leftist heavy-weights: and the world watches on.

As, Jack goes on doing round tables with several bigoted lobbyists – who call themselves liberals – and talks about free voice and knowing the value of free speech – provided the way Twitter has consistently maintained a history of oppressing and suppressing voice of dissent and support voice of  disoriented humanity somewhere from the middle east: gullible Indians, or rather Hindus follow him blindly liking; retweeting and replying all his emanated words.

In the end, he lands a bad surprise for those naïve followers a placard ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’ that openly endorses and proposes hate, hate and hate. Ooops! People rise up and wake up, as if woken by a nightmare, they stand there shell shocked: could Jack do this? How could he?

But he did it, and did it intentionally, a plan that had been formulated well in advance – as it seems; the way this gentleman is unapologetic and has chosen to ignore voice of dissent. He has chosen to ignore the outcry and chosen to act deaf and dumb to audience.

He is a suspect of what? A part of a bigger part of plan: a component that is fueling agenda of a big conglomerate and a nexus, commonly associated with Leftist and Secular brand of politicians, scribes and intellectuals?

It will be too foolish to judge what he is, it is own assumption, but ones who are feeling aggrieved must re-examine their own beliefs and their actions. They must brush aside their petty squabbles and respond, or face derision, the way they have been doing.

Let us not reason out this instance as a squabble, but think introspectively. The way, Jack Dorsey  highlighted his meeting with several left oriented people; and the way he kept a low profile about his conversation with the Prime Minister of India is a clear indication of things to come. With the kind of staffers he has to serve twitter in India, he means clearly, the things will go on as planned without a change.

Hindus have been persecuted  for over a millennium now, and it is all because of their own failings. They may lose this too if they do not realize the facts and thrust them back into the face of communists who have engineered this distortion of history – biggest forgery in history.

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