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Home Politics In the refugee camp called Mahagathbandhan, parties fight for catamaran to sail

In the refugee camp called Mahagathbandhan, parties fight for catamaran to sail

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Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is working overtime to make Mahagathbandhan happen but such mission lacks any vision or agenda but somehow wants to grab power and derail the agenda of development and Sab ka vikas initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mahagathbandhan is like a refugees camp meant for the transient stay of the refugees who looted India. Ironically the opposition parties in India are trying to gift the refugee camp to the Indians with the assumption that Indians can be fooled easily. The most astonishing part of the narrative is that even several regional players who are bitter noire of Narendra Modi do not want to take shelter inside the refugee camp called Mahagathbandhan.

Most of the regional parties have grown in their respective territory only by evicting the congress party. The space they have occupied and the vote share they enjoy today have mostly come from congress. The political party of the dynast – Indian National Congress is the one that suffered severe political devastation and ideological bankruptcy ever since Narendra Modi emerged as the best and honest political leader and much needed Prime Minister of India. Therefore congress is doing everything possible to have a refugee camp for its survival in Indian politics. Hence the congress party headed by the dynast tries to grab the centre stage of the Mahagathbandhan idea because congress is the real refugee in Indian politics that need a refugee camp.

If we carefully analyse the dilemma of TDP and Congress we can easily understand the fact that both these parties have lost their relevance and significance and hence are seriously trying to build a refugee camp called Mahagathbandhan. The political parties like SP, BSP and others does not feel they are also refugees in Indian politics like TDP and Congress and hence are reluctant to shelter inside the refugee camp called Mahagathbandhan. The problem of SP, BSP, Trinamool are quite obvious. If they shelter under the refugee camp made for TDP and Congress, naturally their status also would reduce to the level of refugees and at the same time some mileage the real refugees in Indian politics like Congress and CPIM would gain from them. The political parties that suffer from Kwashiorkor wants to somehow nourish itself at the expense of SP, BSP, Trinamool Congress etc.

If SP, BSP and Trinamool Congress give shelter to the ‘refugee political force’ and show some level of public sympathy, naturally the dynast would benefit but the same gesture would erode the base of SP, BSP and Tranamool Congress.

Congress party of the dynast today is the weakest party as it lacks leadership, vision, values, ethics and peoples support. A resurgent congress is a bad news more to SP, BSP and Trinamool than to India. But for TDP it is a gain as both TDP and Congress are sailing in the same catamaran.

Today every regional party in India wants to be like JDS, wants to enjoy power at the expense and past sins of Congress. No political party wants to reciprocate the same gesture to congress as they know the dynast is sinking the congress ship and not sailing it or anchoring in a safe place.

People of India must recognize the truth that refuges cannot give hope, vision or future for India.  Even for catamaran, all these refugees in the sea of Indian politics are fighting selfishly. If they are given power, they would try to develop only their lost empire and not India. The rule of corruption, nepotism, scams, no development, no Sab ka vikas etc., become the by-product if the refugees are elected to power.

India needs a decisive, honest, upright, committed, untiring Prime Minister- Narendra Modi to develop the state and achieve Sab ka vikas. Indian must get back its lost glory – Ram Rajya, its cultural identity and development centric, corruption free government.

Narendra Modi alone can take India to new heights and economic super power. 2019 should prove India to be the land Hindu culture where the rule will be Ram Rajya and not refugees in Mahagathbandhan camp grab for power.

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