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Why the blood relatives of corruption and scams are wary over Ajit Doval

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The National Security Advisor of the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ajit Doval has proved himself to be a proud citizen of India first than a bureaucrat or National Security Advisor of PM.

Every Indian must follow his path and understand that the interest of the nation should be given utmost priority than causing instability in our country. Weak coalition is dangerous to our country is well known. India has gone backward several centuries mainly due to appeasement politics and coalition politics. In both situations, the dynastic parties were interested only in own political interest and not about the nation.

The NSA therefore showed his true statesmanship and explained clearly how the weak coalition can destabilize and destroy our country which is built brick by brick to prosperity by PM Modi. The fringe players are upset and wary over the statement of Shri Ajit Dowel because the fringe players cannot accommodate patriots and those who are committed to our nation in their team. The fringe players always want others should praise one family, the dynastic culture and engage in building syndicate of corruption. Therefore any statement with statesmanship is bound to annoy and angry them.

India is passing through a transformation phase from poverty stricken, weak, scam filled, dynasty culture dominated, nepotism centric India to highly developed, self-reliant, entrepreneur driven, skill based, corruption free, aspiring, young, vibrant India thanks to the tireless efforts of Narendra Modi. Once India awaken to new world of reality, aspiration, development and sab ka vikas, the dynastic parties will not have any job as well as will not have any scope for scams and looting India.

In the name of poverty and minority appeasement, all those blood relatives of corruption and nepotism were fooling the country and were continuously destabilizing the ethos of one India, one election, one tax.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started to unite India, brought a single and strong correcting cord- development and sab ka vikas to unite the nation to build New India. The corrupt Netas never want Indians to wake up to new realities and instead want Indians to be a mere followers and sloganeers of their party. The family parties were actually building a ‘brand politics’ over their family but PM Modi has dismantled the concept of brand politics and installed development and sab ka vikas based politics.

Today the world is agog and appreciative of India and is predicted that India would soon become one of the super powers in the world. PM Modi has proven to be the visionary, decisive, committed Prime Minister ever India had in the recent times. India under his leadership has emerged as a leader country to define and design the world order and culture.

People of India should not destroy all such efforts of the Prime Minister Modi by handing over India either to the dynast or to the fringe elements. It would be like gifting a garland to monkey.

What Shri. Ajit Doval has said in the interest of our nation that weak coalition is dangerous and therefore people of India should be cautious and must be responsible deserve appreciation and not criticism.

Asking people to be responsible and cautious and requesting people to see how India has transformed under BJP Govt is the fundamental duty and responsibility of every citizen who love the country. What Shri Ajit Doval has done is appropriate and is much needed gesture from a true statesman.

People of India must read the message in the right perspective and must differentiate the leader who works for the development and sab ka vikas and those who work for own family and self-gratification.

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