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SP is the low hanging fruit for BSP after entry of Shivpal into UP fray

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Shivpal Yadav is a very matured, tolerant, patient and highly experienced leader par excellence. He was insulted and infuriated by the dynastic son of former SP chief. The contrast between Shivpal Yadav and the dynast son Akilesh Yadav are like north and south poles. Shivpal rose to recognition and respect due his hard work, endurance, sufferings and sacrifices. Shivpal is highly experienced as well. He has started his political career as grass root worker, known for organizing capability and enjoys grass root level support. On the contrary, the dynast son Akilesh was dropped from heaven by his father, the father’s legacy was gifted to him, only because of power and money, he could entertain the supporters of his party, he was made as Chief Minister of UP without any merit, experience and his only merit was of being the son of Mulayam Singh yadav.

The followers of SP in all possibility would shift to Shivpal because Shivpal alone has the legacy to inherit the true identity and political culture of SP and not Akilesh Yadav. Akilesh got the gift of Chief Minister of UP, power and money purely due to his father and uncle Shivpal.

Akilesh is exactly like how the imperial rulers looted several precious spices from our country like cardamom, piper etc., to Britain thinking that India would go impoverished. But the imperial rulers could do nothing because the high range climate and soil conditions necessary for the cultivation of all such spices Britain could not steal from India so they had to again come back to India for all such condiments.

The dynast Akilesh in fact had stolen the fruits of the hard works of Shivpal Yadav and many others thinking that he is the real owner of SP for being the son of Mulayam Singh is the legal heir of his father’s wealth.

Mayawati was a grass root worker too like Shivpal Yadav and then inherited the political legacy of her mentor so she is accepted as undisputed leader of BSP.

The political analysts may presume that Shivpal Yadav can at best cause ‘little storm in tea cup effect’ to SP but the ground reality is different. If Mayawati is really shrewd and intelligent, she should go for hard bargain with SP.  Today Mayawati has greater support base and acceptance in UP than SP. Today SP at emotional level is divided into two equal halves one is with the dynast and the other is with the true leader of SP – Shivpal Yadav. Shivpal Yadav is like a deep ocean and hence his real support base is not yet known.

Instead of opposing or abusing Narendra Modi or BJP, BSP must exploit the present opportunity in UP and must grow her political stature and relevance. If BSP misses this opportunity, the party may lose its future forever. The advantage of BSP is quite obvious. Shivpal Yadav is not yet tested politically and therefore at the perception level the SP of the dynast may be stronger and positioned better. However its base is quite weak and diffusible which BSP can easily achieve. Therefore BSP is in a better position to place a huge demand with SP for alliance and if SP refuse to comply, it is SP which is going to write own epitaph. On the other hand if Shivpal could isolate SP and could forge an alliance with BSP it is again a win-win deal for both Shivpal and BSP. Isolated SP would fare badly and would lose its base to Shivpal and BSP. Therefore BSP has great advantage in going it alone or aligning with either SP of Akilesh or Shivpal. In the intellectual sense, it would be good for BSP to align with Shivpal so that the SP of the dynast can be reduced to insignificant.

BSP must focus on growing the party than simply targeting BJP. Congress is already an insignificant party so aligning with congress is equal to self-immolation for any political party. It is always good for BSP to have two SP’s in UP so that the vote base is divided.

From the political sense, Shivpal will make a better leader for UP than the dynast – Akilesh. Considering the ongoing family feud in SP and divisive and destructive politics of opposition parties, UP must pool their heart and mind to vote Narendra Modi led BJP in 2019. A responsible UP is important for one India, one election, one tax, development and sab ka vikas.

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